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Debra Williams, Director of Veterans' Services and DSPS Program


Uriel Huizache, VALOR Peer Assistant

Adapted Kinesiology (PE) Faculty

Stephanie Mendoza

First Name Last Name Title Department E-Mail Phone Location
Melodie Cameron Counselor (DSPS/VALOR) Counseling Department melodie.cameron@missioncollege.edu (408) 855-5220 and (408) 855-5103 CC 240/VALOR Center
Elli Constantin Full-time Faculty - LSR Instructor DSPS Program elli.constantin@missioncollege.edu (408) 855-5411 Campus Center DSPS
Xuan Lu DSPS Program Assistant DSPS Program xuan.lu@missioncollege.edu (408) 855-5557 CC 240
Mary Ann Medrano Instructional Technology Technician DSPS Program maryann.medrano@missioncollege.edu (408) 855-5114 SEC-139
Helen Ostrander Adjunct Faculty - DSPS Advisor DSPS Program helen.ostrander@wvm.edu (408) 855-5085 CC 240
Cathy Patel Counselor (DSPS) DSPS Program cathy.patel@wvm.edu (408) 855-5085 CC 240
Janet Pittman Adjunct Faculty - LSR Instructor DSPS Program janet.pittman@wvm.edu (408) 855-5085
Nguyet Tran VALOR Program Assistant VALOR nguyet.tran@missioncollege.edu (408) 855-5418 VALOR Center
Marianna Troy DSPS Program Specialist/Adjunct Faculty Counselor DSPS Program marianna.troy@missioncollege.edu (408) 855-5086 CC 240