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Mission College Directory

First Name Last Name Title Department E-Mail Phone Location
Wael Abdeljabbar Full-Time Faculty CSIT (408)855-5250 GC-214
Dina Aburous Faculty Accounting (408)855-5376 GC-217C
Niall Adler Director Marketing & Public Relations 408-855-5127 SEC-348A
Nicole Aguinaldo Administrative Assistant Mission College Office of Advancement 408-741-2164 MT-18A
Amelia Akers-Martin Department Chair English as a Second Language (ESL) (408)855-5092 SEC 248J
Salaam Al-Baker, Ph.D. Faculty Chemistry (408)855-5253 SCI-117
Richard Alfaro Dean, Student Support Services Student Support Services (408)855-5145 SEC-122A
Frederick Allen Associate Faculty ESL 408-855-5732
George Allen Associate Faculty Reading 209-830-1710
Norma Ambriz-Galaviz Interim President
Umera Ameen Counselor (Athletics) Counseling Services 408-855-5034 SEC-139
Cynthia Anderson Associate Faculty, BA, RN, RHIA, DSD Health Occupations 408-855-5303 GC-235F
Manija Ansari Associate Counselor Counseling Services
Unbareen Ansari Associate Faculty Biological Sciences
Arthur Ardizonne Associate Faculty Accounting
Daniel Arias Department Chair Hospitality Management (408)855-5434 HM-116
Priya Babu Part-Time Mathematics GC-114
Shamiran Badal Counselor (DSPS) Counseling Services (408)855-5085 CC-240
Eleen Badal Abdishou Student Enrollment & Financial Services Advisor Financial Aid (408)855-5355 SEC-118 - Workstation 16
James Baker Faculty Communication Studies 408-855-5411 SEC-248N
Dianna Ballesteros Instructor Department TBD TBD
Yolanda Barnes Counselor Counseling Services (408)855-5045 SEC-139
Inez Barragan Director HSI-STEM 408-855-5060 SEC-350
Nick Barron Part-Time Instructor Anthropology
Gary Barten Associate Faculty Art TBD TBD
Jonna Bautista Specialist Duplicating Services TBD TBD
Carol Beck Counselor Counseling Services (408)855-5031 SEC-139
John Beck Faculty Physics & Astronomy 408-855-5233 SCI-132-1C
Calvin Beckum Part-Time Faculty Psychology
Elinor Belham Account Technician Student Services 408-855-5026 SEC-118
Lisa Bell Associate Faculty ESL
David Bergen Associate Faculty Management TBD TBD
Judy Berkley Full-Time Faculty Health Occupations (408)855-5386 GC-235G
Marie Bertola Associate Faculty French TBD TBD
Savita Bhagi Associate Faculty Mathematics not listed Faculty Center SE2-101
Bernadette Bialoglovski Office Coordinator Student Health Center 408-855-5142 SEC-104-106
Christopher Bibat Financial Analyst Administrative Services 408-855-5581 SEC-331E
Analiza Bibat Dasalla Program Specialist Community Education 408-855-5112 SEC-332
Kaitlin Black Teacher Mission Early College High School 408-855-7751 GC-322
Aimee Blankenship Instructor Department TBD TBD
Liz Bogatin-Starr Administrative Assistant - Mission College Academic Senate (408)855-5413 Senate Office: SEC-334
Tina Boghozian Librarian Library Services (408)855-5165 Library Offices
Mylynne Bontilao Student Enrollment & Financial Services Advisor Admissions and Records 408-855-5011 SEC-118
Iris Boyce Associate Faculty Mathematics 408-855-5729 TBD
Roy Brasil Part-Time Faculty Sociology
Glory Bratton Instructor Department TBD TBD
Carla Breidenbach Faculty Foreign Language 408-855-5345 GC-323B
Jonathan Brennan Faculty English 408-855-5313 SEC-248M
Anthony Bridges Student Enrollment & Financial Service Advisor Admissions & Records 408-855-5011 SEC-118
Carol Brockmeier Faculty Emeritus Health Occupations
Marina Broeder Faculty ESL 408-855-5379 SEC-235 / 224B
Andrea Broussard P/T Counselor Student Support Services not listed not listed
Christy Brown Faculty English 408-855-5315
Scott Brunson Full-Time Faculty Hospitality Management (408)855-5251 HM-115
Jeff Bunch Lab Technician Academic Support Center 408-855-5320 SEC-154
Jim Burrell Faculty Physics & Astronomy 408-855-5263 SCI-116
Britta Burton Faculty ESL 408-855-5283 SEC-248D
Scott Buss Faculty Kinesiology (408)855-5393 VK-9
Joanne Cabanilla Faculty Biological Sciences (408)855-5294 GC-317J
Corey Cafferata Head Coach Women's Basketball Athletics (408)855-5383 Athletics Building
Melodie Cameron Counselor (DSPS/VALOR) Counseling Services (408)855-5220/(408)855-5103 CC-240/VALOR Center
Husayn Campbell Associate Faculty CIS (408)855-5837
Michael Cao Full-Time Mathematics (408)855-5329 GC-319B
Andrea Carandang Wellness Coordinator Mission Early College High School GC-332
Cesar Cardenas Transcript Coordinator/Cashier Admissions and Records (408)855-5011 SEC-118 Workstation 05
Mindy Carr Full-Time Mathematics (408)855-5321 GC-319D
Lorena Carrasco Administrative Services Assistant Administrative Services 408-855-5289
Ashley Carter Head Coach Softball Athletics 408-855-5368 Athletics Building
Kathleen Castello Associate Instructor ESL 408-855-7699 x5726 by appointment
Gayathri Chakravarthy Faculty Interdisciplinary Studies/Academic Support Center (ASC) (408)855-5335 SEC - 248A
Kara Chambers Faculty ESL 408-855-5278 SEC-248P
Marsha Chan Faculty Emeritus ESL (408)800-5314
Queenie Chan Sr. Financial Analyst Administrative Services 408-855-5231 SEC-331D
See Chan Full-Time Instructor Biological Sciences (408)855-5575 SCI-132-1C
Bing Chang Associate Faculty Mathematics TBD TBD
Irene Chang Part-Time Mathematics GC-114
Nohemy Chavez Counselor Counseling Services (408)855-5385 SEC-139
Tina Cheng Administrative Specialist Office of Instruction 1 408 855-5380 SEC - 346
John Chew Associate Faculty Fire Protection Technology TBD TBD
John Chew Part-Time Faculty Fire Technology & EMT
James Chin Associate Faculty, PharmD Health Occupations (408)855-5374 GC-235
Jouney Chong International Student Advisor International Student Services (408)855-5107 SEC-111A
Albert Chow Head Coach Badminton Athletics (408)855-5388 Athletics Building
Betty Christopher Emeritus Faculty Accounting
Dionne Clabaugh Instructor Department TBD TBD
Carlos Colom Instructor Department TBD TBD
Jasmine Colon Associate Reference and Instruction Librarian Library 408-741-3332 Library
Elli Constantin Faculty Learning Services 408-855-5411 Campus Center DSPS
Jennifer Constantin Part-Time Faculty Psychology
Cheryl Coon Associate Faculty Art/Art History
Jeff Cormier Faculty Anthro, Psych & Sociology (408)855-5483 GC-312
Jeff Cormier Faculty Anthro, Psych & Sociology (408)855-5483 GC-312
Jennifer Costanza Faculty ESL 408-855-5310 SEC-248R
Pamela Couch Faculty ESL 408-855-5286 SEC-248F
Ann Cowels Faculty, MSN, RN Health Occupations 408-855-5377 GC-235C
Ryan Cronin Full-Time Faculty Fire Technology & EMT
Lisa Curiel Senior Child Development Specialist Child Development CDC
Melissa DaPonte Mental Health Supervisor Student Health Services
Denaya Dailey Associate Faculty Wellness & Human Performance TBD TBD
Tricia Darrell Program Specialist Equity and Student Success 408-855-5572 SEC-344
Analiza Dasalla Program Specialist Admissions and Records (408)855-5024
Rebecca Davidson STEMCore Program Specialist
Geoffrey Davis Part-Time Mathematics GC-114
Margaret Davis Instructor Department 408-855-5752 TBD
Julia Dea-Wong Counselor (TRIO SSS/TRIO STEM Program) Counseling Services/TRIO (408)855-5471 SEC 146
Alicia Deboe Registrar Mission Early College High School 408-855-5049 GC-332
John Dedinsky Full-Time Mathematics (408)855-5351 GC-321A
Haileyesus Degefu Teacher Mission Early College High School 408-855-7749 GC-326
Judie DelFrate Golden Full-Time Faculty Computer Applications (408)855-5341 GC-217A
Kristal Dela Cruz Management Assistant Administrative Services 408-855-5230 SEC-331
Lynn Dellaporta Faculty, RN Health Occupations 408-855-5381 GC-235D
Deniz Demiray Part-Time Faculty Economics
Haze Dennis Full-Time Faculty Hospitality Management (408)855-5252 HM-114
Lori Devito Associate Faculty Nutritional Science TBD TBD
Rob Dewis Faculty Communication Studies 408-855-5327 SEC-248C
Priyanka Dinesh Counselor Counseling Services 408-855-5537 SEC-139
Hung Dinh Part-Time Mathematics GC-114
Steven Dinh Associate Faculty Foreign Language
Kate Disney Faculty Engineering SCI-112
Thanh Do IT Analyst Student Services 408-855-5171 SEC-340F
Pertilla Domingue Program Specialist Workforce Development TBD TBD
Barbara Drummond RN Student Health Center 408-855-5143 SEC-104-106
Jean Dupon Instructor Department TBD TBD
Judith Dyer Full-Time Faculty Health Occupations (408)855-5084 GC - 235B
John Ector Associate Faculty Music
Rouba El-Kaissi Associate Faculty CIT TBD TBD
Mark Engel Faculty Art (408)855-5280 GC-337C
Betty Ensminger Faculty Communication Studies 408-855-5308 S2-403I
Jackie Escajeda Dean Career Technical Education (408)855-5038 LIB 226 ext 5038
Nita Esparza Faculty Communication Studies 408-855-5409 SEC-248E
Diego Espinoza EOPS/CARE & CalWORKs Director EOPS (408) 855-5157
Brian Estrada Associate Faculty Hospitality Management TBD TBD
Anne Evans Part-Time Mathematics GC-114
Thelma Everett Instructor Department TBD TBD
Farima Fakoor Instructor Department TBD TBD
Ashley Faris, PhD Faculty Chemistry (408)855-5269 SCI-132-1B
Edward Fedalizo Instructional Technology Analyst Office of Instruction (408)855-5189 SEC-340A
Kaitlin Ferguson Faculty Kinesiology 408-855-5312 VK-07
Robert Fetgather Part-Time Faculty Psychology
Valerie Fiechter Associate Faculty ESL 408-855-5774 TBD
Benjamin Fineman Full-Time Mathematics (408)855-5279 GC-319A
Carol Flores Faculty Health Occupations 408-855-5374 GC-235
Christine Flores Enrollment & Financial Services Advisor Admission and Records 408-855-5007 E1-501
Elizabeth Flores Counselor Counseling Services (408)855-5031 SEC-139
Jeanine Flores Faculty Graphic Design and Multimedia GC-341A
Mario Flores Outreach Coordinator HSI-STEM 408-855-5059 SEC-350
Paula Flynn Sr. Administrative Assistant Applied Sciences 408-855-5201 GC-319E
Harmony Folse Part-Time Instructor Biological Sciences
Thuy Foot Administrative Specialist Humanities, Social Sciences, and Fine Arts Division 408-855-5152 GC-337
Dr. Alfred Forrest Director Student Health Center (408)855-5141 SEC-104-106
Emilio Franisco Counselor Counseling Services (408)855-5031 SEC-139
Brandon Gainer Instructor Department TBD TBD
Beverly Gaitan Administrative Specialist Health Occupations 408-855-5374 GC-235
Roehl Galang Financial Aid Advisor; Cal Grants Financial Aid (408)855-5071
Gary Galasso Associate Faculty Fire Protection Technology TBD TBD
Rob Gamble Director, Workforce and Economic Development Workforce and Economic Development (408)855-5255 SEC-332A
Alma Garcia Counselor Counseling Serivces (408)855-5031 SEC-139
Ina Gard Associate Faculty Reading
Mark Garrett Faculty Graphic Design & Multimedia (408)855-5293 GC-321B
Jessica Gatewood Associate Faculty English TBD TBD
Lawrence Gatt Associate Faculty Fire Protection Technology TBD TBD
John Gee Part-Time Mathematics GC-114
Karen Gee Faculty Psychology (408)855-5222 GC-337E
Raymond Gerardo Educational Testing & Technical Specialist Assessment Center 408-855-5099 SEC-109
Trypty Ghandi, MD MD, Student Health Services 408-855-5143 SEC-104
Dorin Gheorghiu Associate Faculty Tech Prep 408-855-5843 TBD
Patricia Gibbs-Stayte Part-Time Faculty Sociology
Lora Glaser Faculty ESL 408-855-5093 SEC-246F
Genina Gonzales Management Assistant Office of Instruction 408-855-5180 SEC-331
Shelley Gonzales Associate Faculty Child Development
William Goodwin Associate Faculty CIT 408-855-5844 TBD
Chia Green Faculty Interdisciplinary Studies/Academic Support Center (ASC) (408)855-5348 SEC-154 / SEC-248B
Aman Grewal Associate Faculty Accounting
Kevin Grzymala Associate Faculty History 408-855-5831
Hozi Guanzon-Ringor Specialist Duplicating Services 408-855-5410 GC-112
Bianka Guardino Counselor - Counseling Services Lead Counseling Services (408)855-5398 SEC-139
Robert Guest IT Technician (Classroom Computers) ETS (Educational Technology Services) 408-855-5337 TAV-152
Guy Hall Full-Time Faculty Fire Protection Technology (408)855-5798 GC-122
Mohammad Hamadeh Associate Faculty CSIT not listed Faculty Center SE2-101
Lori Hampton Administrative Specialist Career Education Division (408)855-5201 LIB-224
Veronica Hand Counselor Counseling Services (408)855-5362 SEC-139
Robert Hansen Instructor Department TBD TBD
Ann Harding Associate Faculty ESL TBD TBD
Tara Hardinge Faculty Sociology (408)855-5389 GC-337G
Allison Harness Associate Faculty Biological Sciences
Elizabeth Harris Associate Faculty Communication Studies 408-855-5796 TBD
Cynthia Harrison Faculty Health Occupations 408-855-5340 MT-16
Kendall Harrison Office Coordinator Career Education 408-855-5235
Carol Hartman Full-Time Faculty Health Occupations (408)855-5472 GC 235F
Joseph Hasty Instructor Department TBD TBD
Phillip Hawkins Faculty Music (408)855-5285 GC-117
Rachna Heizer Part-Time Faculty Political Science
Cheryl Hertig Associate Faculty ESL 408-855-5930 TBD
Susan (Liz) Hickok Instructor Department TBD TBD
Philip Higgins Associate Faculty Biological Sciences
Bobby Hill Head Coach Baseball Athletics (408)855-5373 Athletics Building
Michele Hittleman Counselor Counseling Services (408)855-5051 SEC-139
Jennifer Ho Associate Faculty Sociology TBD TBD
Rick Hobbs Faculty Mathematics 408-855-5325 GC-317K
Kristy Holland Associate Faculty History TBD TBD
Kristy Holland Associate Faculty History
Anne Horgan Director, Child Development Child Development (408)741-2152 CDC
Julie Horst Associate Faculty Library not listed Faculty Center SE2-101
Erik Hou Analyst Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness 408-855-5239 SEC-340B
Don Houston Director Facilities Maintenance 408-855-5428 Facilities Maintenance
Qiana Houston Full-Time Faculty Anthro, Psych & Sociology (408)855-5176 GC-337B
Scott Howard Head Coach Men's & Women's Tennis Athletics (408)855-5311 Athletics Building
Shih-Chieh Hsu Instructor Department TBD TBD
Pat Hudak Faculty Computer Applications (408)855-5361 GC-217F
Javier Huerta Faculty English 408-855-5370 SEC-248C
Nataliya Husar Associate Faculty English 408-855-5708 TBD
David Huseman Associate Faculty Fire Protection Technology TBD TBD
Clifford Hwang Part-Time Mathematics GC-114
Betty Inoue Counselor Counseling Services (408)855-5031 SEC-139
Catrina Jamello-Mesa Counselor CalWORKS 408-855-5225/408-855-5103 SEC-144 (150)
Rodrigo January Instructor Department TBD TBD
Lauren Javier-Tolentino Full-Time Instructor Biological Sciences (408)855-5274 SCI-132-1B
Heather Jellison Associate Faculty ESL
Valerie Jensen Dean of Instruction Language Arts and Library (408)855-5464 SEC- 346B
Melissa Johns Director Advancement and Foundation
Tess Johnsen Associate Faculty Health Occupations 408-855-5374 GC-235
Keith Johnson Faculty Music 408-855-5277 GC-117
Matthew Johnston Faculty Philosophy 408-855-5305 GC-314
Tony Jones Associate Faculty Real Estate TBD TBD
David Jonish Associate Faculty Mathematics TBD TBD
Margaret Juncker Dept Chair English 408-855-5229 SEC-248P
Ryan Kapowich Instructional Technology Technician (AV) ETS (Educational Technology Services) 408-855-5135 TAV-120
Joshua Kas-Osoka Associate Faculty Business
Denise Kast Media Technician Library TBD TBD
Chigusa Katoku Director of International Programs International Student Services (408)855-5025 SEC-111D
Yuko Kawasaki Dean, MSN, RN-C Health Occupations 408-855-5579 GC-235H
Melanie Kaye Associate Faculty Art & Graphic Design TBD TBD
Connor Keese Director of Outreach & Student Development Outreach (408)855-5072 SEC-120C
Aimee Kerby Advisor DSPS 408-855-5085 CC-240
Noori Khadem-Devanneaux Coordinator Pharmacy Technician 650-906-5376 SEC-332 by appt
Amanda Kight Faculty, MSN, RN-BC Health Occupations 408-855-5188 GC-235E
Michelle Kim Full-Time Faculty Economics (408)855-5046 GC-337F
Gregory Knittel Associate Faculty History TBD TBD
Gregory Knittel Associate Faculty History 408-855-5749
Zoya Kravets Full-Time Mathematics (408)855-5090 GC-317H
Sharon Kruzic Associate Faculty ESL TBD TBD
Peter Kuo Associate Faculty Graphic Art/Design TBD TBD
Willy Kwong Full-Time Faculty Child Development (408)855-5523 CDC 105
Vandana Laal Associate Faculty Child Development CDC
Clement Lam Dean Math, Science, and Engineering (408)855-5332 GC-319F
Thelma Lamar Instructor Department TBD TBD
David Lang Faculty English 408-855-5178 SEC-248G
Michael Lau Veteran Certifying Official Admissions and Records (408)855-5074 SEC-118 Workstation 11
Pat Lavallo Full-Time Mathematics (408)855-5399 GC-317A
Theresa Lawhead Counselor/Instructor Counseling Services (408) 855-5545 SEC 139 (Counseling Department)
Diemanh Le Office of Instruction Liason, Enrollment Verifications Admissions and Records (408)855-5027 SEC-118 - Workstation 01
Truc Le Smart Pass Coordinator and Tech Assistant Student Activities 408-855-5284 CC-231
Rob Leadbeater Associate Faculty Business
Cristina Leal Full-Time Faculty Child Development (408) 855-5370 CDC
Charlene Lee RN Student Health Center 408-855-5143 SEC-104-106
Paula Lee Associate Faculty ESL TBD TBD
Jessica Leffler Program Director Pharmacy Technician 408-855-5131 SEC-332S
Sandy Lesnewsky Associate Faculty Retail Floristy 408-855-5268 N2-701
Kristin Lindseth Associate Faculty Art
Mary Linduska Associate Faculty Music 408-855-5838 TBD
Steven Lipman Department Chair Communication Studies 408-855-5044 SEC-246E
Alemayehu Lirenso Part-Time Faculty Geography
Jennifer Lloyd Instructional Lab Technician Chemistry (408)855-5297
My Loi Administrative Specialist Student Support Services 408-855-5196 SEC-122A
Araceli Lopez Assistant Store Manager, Mission College Bookstore Bookstore (408) 855-5076
Letisha Lovern Full-Time Mathematics (408)855-5161 GC-317C
Susan Low Associate Faculty Mathematics 408-855-5840 Faculty Center SE2-101
Xuan Lu Program Assistant DSPS 408-855-5557 CC-240
Patrick Ly IT Analyst (Servers) ETS (Educational Technology Services) 408-855-5582 TAV-122
Amado Mabul Associate Faculty Business
Gil Madrid Instructor Department TBD TBD
Marlene Mahony Associate Faculty English TBD TBD
Spencer Maltbie Athletic Operations Technician Athletics 408-855-5008 Equipment Room
Steven Manske Associate Faculty Accounting
Jose Manzo Counselor (EOPS) Counseling Services 408-855-5101 SEC-144/EOPS
Yen-Ping Mao Associate Faculty Foreign Language TBD TBD
Noel Marianetti Associate Faculty ESL TBD TBD
Amanda Marshall EOPS Program Specialist EOPS 408-855-5055 SEC 148
Alicia Martinez Counselor Counseling Services (408)855-5039 SEC-139
Angelica Martinez Associate Faculty Fire Protection Technology TBD TBD
Veronica Martinez Dean, Enrollment & Financial Services Admissions & Records/Financial Aid
Yareli Martinez Site Supervisor, Child Development Child Development CDC
Edie Matthews Associate Faculty English TBD TBD
Drew McCormick Associate Faculty Business 408-855-5822 TBD
Drew McCormick Associate Faculty Business
Susan McDonnell Associate Faculty Hospitality Management TBD TBD
Susan McDonnell Facilities Planning Hospitality Management
Alison McGann Research Analyst Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness 408.855.5353 SEC-340A
Donnelle McGee Faculty English (408)855-5042 SEC-248L
Barbara McMahon Lab Technician Biological Sciences 408-855-5514 SCI-210
Delia McVay Teacher Mission Early College High School 408-855-5532 GC-324
Mary Ann Medrano Transfer Advisor Transfer Center 408-855-5114 SEC-139
Kathleen Melendez Counselor Counseling Services (408)855-5518 SEC-139
Zita Melton Sr. Admin Assistant Student Services 408-855-5197 CC-222
Polina Meltzer-Burrell Lab Technician Physics & Astronomy 408-855-5254
Stephanie Mendoza Faculty Kinesiology (408)855-5369 Gymnasium Offices
Preston Metcalf Instructor Department TBD TBD
Lisa Meyers Specialist III Child Development
Bob Miller Counselor Counseling Services 408-855-5094 SEC-139
Brian Miller Dean Humanities, Social Sciences, and Fine Arts (408)855-5247 GC-337
Maher Mneimneh Associate Faculty CIS TBD TBD
Mehdi Moossavi Associate Faculty Biological Sciences
Lucia Moreno Interim Supervisor Financial Aid Financial Aid (408)855-5067 SEC-120B
Janice Morgan Full-Time Faculty Kinesiology (408)855-5397 Gymnasium Offices
Faramarz Mortezaie Full-Time Faculty/ Dept Chair CSIT (408)855-5921 GC-217A
Erica Morton-Starner Faculty English 408-855-5209 SEC-224C
Greg Mostyn Faculty Emeritus Accounting
Nihad Mourad Part-Time Mathematics GC-114
Jorge Murillo Work Readiness-Industry Coordinator; Grad Guru HSI STEM 408-855-5218 SEC-350
Omar Murillo Vice President, Student Services Student Services (408)855-5195 CC-222
Carmen Musat Full-Time Mathematics GC-323A
Myo Myint Faculty ESL 408-855-5316 SEC-248Q
Paul Nagami Full-Time Instructor Biological Sciences
John Nakahama Full-Time Mathematics (408)855-5433 GC-323C
Rodney Nakamura Associate Faculty Wellness & Human Performance TBD TBD
Shuchi Nangia Senior Child Development Specialist Child Development CDC
Lusyna Narvaez Associate Faculty HSI-STEM/AANAPISI Program (408)855-5526 SEC-350
Kelly Neary Full-Time Faculty/Dept Chair Biological Sciences 408-855-5588 SCI-119
Jeff Nelson Faculty Kinesiology 408-855-5367 N2-403D
Chau Nguyen Counselor Counseling Services 408-855-5058 SEC-139
Danny Nguyen Vice President Administrative Services (408)855-5417 SEC-331
Dat Nguyen IT Analysis (Systems, Planning, Budget) ETS (Educational Technology Services) 408-855-5136 TAV-123
Hai Nguyen Associate Faculty History
Huyen Nguyen Part-Time Mathematics GC-114
Lan Nguyen Child Development Specialist Child Development CDC
Minh-Tuan Nguyen Associate Faculty/Counselor Counseling Services 408-855-5034 SEC-139
Ngoclien Nguyen Student Enrollment & Financial Services Advisor Financial Aid (408)855-5068 SEC-118 - Workstation 04
Phuong Nguyen Counselor Counseling Services (408)855-5031 SEC-139
Thanh Nguyen Faculty Foreign Language 408-855-5187 W3-601C
MyTra Nguyen-Vu Department Chair Child Development (408)855-5396 GC 217
Marina Noel Associate Faculty Business
Marina Noel Associate Faculty Computer Applications
Paul Nolan Associate Faculty Business
Monica Nolasco Counselor (CTE) Counseling Services (408)855-5521 SEC-139
Olga Nova Library Technician Library (408)855-5163 Library
Pamela O'Klock Associate Faculty English TBD TBD
Medeina O'Neal Director Student Health Services 408-855-5141 SEC-104
John O'Neill Faculty ESL 408-855-5082 SEC-246G
Khalid Obeid Associate Faculty Foreign Language TBD TBD
Marsha Oliver Faculty, MSN, RN Health Occupations 408-855-5427 GC-235A
Joseph Ordaz Music Director Music (408)855-5276 GC-117
Helen Ostrander Advisor DSPS 408-855-5085 CC-240
Carmen Padilla-Moran Secretary Mission Early College High School 408-855-5532 GC-332
Jeffrey Pallin Dean, Business, Technology, and Kinesiology Business, Technology, and Kinesiology 408-855-5179 GC-217H
Lisa Palmer Associate Faculty English 408-855-5878
Mandar Pandit Associate Faculty CIT TBD TBD
Marianne Pantiga Associate Faculty ESL/LATC TBD TBD
Gaozong Park International Student Counselor International Center (408)855-5501
Taliha Pasaoglu Associate Faculty Biological Sciences
Mark Pasion Part-Time Faculty Sociology
Cathy Patel Counselor (DSPS) Counseling Services (408)855-5085 CC 240
Jane Patton Faculty Communication Studies 408-855-5296 S2-403
Liz Pelayo Administrative Assistant Student Activities 408-855-5406 CC-231
Curtis Pembrook Full-Time Faculty Computer Applications (408)855-5275 GC-217C
Ken Pesso Part-Time Faculty Sociology
Christina Peters Associate Faculty Engineering
Alla Petrosyan Associate Faculty English
Michele Pett Baking and Pastry Instructor Hospitality Management
Dona Pham Associate Counselor Counseling Services
Hung V Pham Faculty Computer Information Technology 408-855-5354 MT-11B
Ly Pham Associate Faculty Business
Phuong Pham Senior Child Development Specialist Child Development CDC
Anne Pike, RN RN, Student Health Services 408-855-5143 SEC-104
Sabrina Pinnell Part-Time Faculty Political Science
Dr. David Piper Adjunct Faculty Equity Faculty Lead/Humanities/Psychology (408)55-5206 & (408)855-5168 SEC-139/SEC-344
Janet Pittman DSPS Instructor DSPS
Clint Poe Faculty Physics & Astronomy 408-855-5262 SCI-117
Luci Ponce Coach Women's Softball pending Gymnasium Offices
Casey Potts Associate Faculty Fire Protection Technology TBD TBD
Joan Powers Faculty ESL 408-855-5298 MT-11H
Rachel Prescott Faculty ESL 408-855-5318 SEC-248J
Kristen Purdum Full-Time Mathematics GC-217J
Elbina Rafizadeh Associate Faculty Health Occupations 408-855-5374 GC-235
Mahalakshmi Ramamurthy Associate Faculty Accounting
Danielle Ramirez-King Management Analyst Administrative Services 408-855-5183
Rae Ann Ramsey Faculty History / Humanities (408)855-5323 GC-317K
Marie Rancap Student Enrollment & Financial Services Advisor Financial Aid (408)55-5054 SEC-118 - Workstation 02
Lorrie Ranck Vice President of Instruction Office of Instruction
Howard Randall Associate Faculty Accounting
Jeffrey Rascov Associate Faculty Business TBD TBD
Edrina Rashidi Director MESA 408-855-5041 SEC-152B
Robert Reed Full-Time Mathematics GC-317E
Nannette Regua Administrative Specialist Business, Technology, and Kinesiology 408-855-5211 GC-217
Jean Replicon Full-Time Faculty Biological Sciences (408)855-5267 SC1-132-1D
Linda Retterath Part-Time Mathematics GC-114
Sara Rettus Associate Faculty Philosophy 408-855-5881
Francis Reyes Associate Faculty Business
Francis Reyes Associate Faculty Computer Applications & Business
Nini Reyes-Bolinger Facilities Project Analyst Central Services 408-855-5134
Sandy Rice Program Specialist Hospitality Management 408-855-5246 HM -107
Sandy Rice Program Specialist Hospitality Management (408)855-5246
Christine Ritz Faculty English 408-855-5234 SEC-246D
Monica Rivas Faculty Foreign Language 408-855-5282 GC-217B
Rick Rivas Faculty Graphic Design & Multimedia (408)855-5309 GC317B
George Rivera Associate Faculty Art TBD TBD
George Rivera Associate Faculty Art/Art History
Kena Rogers Administrative Specialist Language Arts and Library 408-855-5219 SEC-246
Michael Roloff Part-Time Faculty Political Science
Anita Roman Assistant Director Health Workforce Initiative 408-855-5203 MT-16
Kristin Rooney Instructor Department TBD TBD
David Rose Department Chair Fire Technology & EMT (408)855-5387 GC-120
Julaine Rosner Faculty ESL 408-855-5317 SEC-248K
Heather Rothenberg Faculty Nutritional Science 408-855-5248 GC-317G
Eve Ruhlman Part-Time Faculty Hospitality Management
Eugene Russakovskii Part-Time Mathematics GC-114
Richard Russell Associate Faculty English TBD TBD
Desa Ruybal Counselor Mission Early College High School 408-855-5048 GC-332
Renee Ruzicka Instructional Technician Interdisciplinary Studies/Academic Support Center (ASC) (408)855-5159
Saroj Sabherwal Faculty CSIT 408-855-5357 GC-217D
Monica Sain Full-Time English Instructor Adult Education (408)855-5503 SEC-246B
Surjit Saini Instructor Department TBD TBD
Manuel Salazar Director TRIO (408)855-5191 SEC-146A
Rebeca Sanchez Counselor Counseling Services 408-855-5034 SEC-139
Rebecca Sanchez Counseling
Marcelo Sanchez-Heredia Counselor Counseling Services SEC-139
Malkiat Sandhu Instructor Department TBD TBD
Dorothy Sanford Associate Faculty Economics TBD TBD
John Santos Part-Time Faculty Psychology
Aloha Sargent Associate Instructor Library not listed Library
Tazumi Scearce Associate Faculty Foreign Languages TBD TBD
Bob Schaffer Department Chair Engineering (408)855-5063 GC-220
James Schweppe Department Chair Chemistry (408)855-5534 GC-321D
Marlo Seidel Associate Faculty ESL TBD TBD
Albert Shaheen Faculty ESL SEC 248D
Wenlei Shan Full-Time Faculty Business (408)855-5185 GC-323F
Guy Shani Full-Time Faculty Biological Sciences (408)855-5569
Ted Shank Faculty English 408-855-5379 SEC-224A
Napoleon Sharble Teacher Mission Early College High School 408-855-7748 GC-328
Catherine Shea Faculty Chemistry (408)855-5260 SCI-118
Aram Shepherd Faculty English 408-855-5338 SEC-209C
Lana Sheridan Instructor Physics GC 341B
Donald Shields Faculty Graphic Art/Design 408-855-5247 SE3-102B
Brian Shively Program Specialist Facilities Rentals 408-855-5289 SEC-331
Lisa Shivers Instructional Lab Technician Nursing 408-855-5378 GC-222
Marina Shmakova Associate Faculty Astronomy & Physics TBD TBD
Hafiz Siddiqi Instructor Department TBD TBD
Gladys Simpson Office Coordinator DSPS 408-855-5085 CC-240
Ashok Sinha Associate Faculty Chemistry not listed Learning Center by appt
Max Sklar Full-Time Mathematics (408)855-5259 GC-317D
Irina Slobodov Faculty Chemistry not listed by appt
Jamie Smith Associate Faculty Child Development
Sara Smith Teacher Mission Early College High School 408-855-7747 GC-334
Sharon Smith Associate Faculty Reading TBD TBD
Viola Smith Principal Mission Early College High School 408-855-5533 GC-332
Joanna Sobala Faculty Economics (408)55-5354 GC-337A
Andrew Soliz Program Specialist Career Services Center 408-855-5304 SEC-122
Ken Songco Director, Equity and Student Success Equity and Student Success (408)855-5037 SEC-344A
Pedro Sousa Full-Time Faculty Child Development (408)855-5455 CDC 104
Michele Speck Librarian, Dept Chair Library Services (408)855-5169 Library 224
John Spencer Instructional Technology Analyst & Canvas Support Office of Instruction 408-855-5243 SEC-331B
MC Staff Title Department
Melissa Stewart Curriculum & Instructional Systems Analyst Office of Instruction (408)855-5184 SEC 331
Jeannie Stokes Cobb Associate Faculty English SEC-230
Willette Strickland Office Coordinator CalWORKS 408-855-5223 SEC-150
Anan Sturgess Associate Faculty Accounting
Sarah Sullivan Faculty English 408-855-5050 SEC-209A
Helen Sun Full-Time Faculty CSIT (408)855-5570 GC-217E
Revathi Sundaresan Part-Time Mathematics GC-114
Tawny Sverdlin Experience Designer/Webmaster Marketing
Anthony Swanson Associate Faculty History TBD TBD
Anthony Swanson Associate Faculty History 408-855-5758
Asmare Tadesse Supervisor, Admissions & Records Admissions and Records (408)855-5010 SEC-120E
Josi Taylor Associate Faculty Biological Sciences
Teresa Teng Associate Faculty Communication Studies
Helayna Thickpenny Faculty Art/Art History, Humanities 408-855-5287 GC-337D
Helayna Thickpenny Faculty Art/Art History, Humanities (408)855-5287 GC-337D
Raiida Thompson AANAPISI Program Analyst HSI-STEM (408)855-5366 SEC-350
Teresa Thompson Faculty Accounting (408)855-5349 GC-321C
Mallika Thoppay Associate Faculty Computer Applications TBD TBD
Marge Throndson P/T Faculty Advisor DSPS 408-855-5085 West Valley College BUS-12
Karl Ting Part-Time Mathematics GC-114
Aaron Tolbert Dean, Language Arts Language Arts (408)855-5419 SEC 246C
Ray Tomasso Associate Faculty Art TBD TBD
Nathifa Tomb Instructor Department TBD TBD
Vianey Topete TRIO SSS/TRIO STEM Program Specialist TRIO (408)855-5192 SEC-146
Anh-Tuyet Tran Associate Faculty Chemistry not listed Learning Center by appt
Kelvin Tran Program Specialist Equity and Student Success 408-855-5172 SEC-118F
Nguyet Tran Program Assistant VALOR 408-855-5418 VALOR Center
Rebecca Tran Transfer Center Director/Counselor/Department Chair Counseling Services (408)855-5040 SEC-139
Theresa Tran Counselor (EOPS) Counseling Services (408)855-5061 SEC-144/EOPS
Jacqueline Trang Instructor Department TBD TBD
Thuy Trang Counselor Counseling Services 408-855-5081 SEC-139/SEC-133C
Ngoc-Tu Trinh Office Coordinator CalWORKS 408-855-5223 SEC-144 (150)
Marianna Troy Program Specialist DSPS 408-855-5086 CC-240
Jeannie Truong Media Technician Library 408-855-5154 Library
Jennifer Tseng Faculty Accounting (408)855-5365 GC-341A
Pat Turner Associate Faculty Fire Protection Technology TBD TBD
Shelbie Turner Graphic Designer Marketing and Public Relations 408-855-5238 SEC-348C
Star Underwood Program Specialist EOPS/CARES 408-855-5057 SEC-148
Michael Valter Associate Faculty English TBD TBD
Linda Van Program Specialist Counseling 408-855-5031 SEC-139
Andy Varbel Faculty English 408-855-5301 SEC-248A
Phillip Vargas Associate Faculty Music TBD TBD
Neera Varma Associate Faculty Marketing TBD TBD
Neera Varma Associate Faculty Business
Lisa Vasquez Associate Faculty Reading
Nitha Vasquez Census Rosters & Cashiering Admissions & Records (408)855-5028 SEC-118 - Workstation 08
Epigmenio Vazquez-Vega Student Records Advisor Admissions and Records SEC-120F
Lakshmamma Venkata Associate Faculty Accounting (408)855-7699 x5928 By Appointment
Neil Viernes Faculty Chemistry (408)855-5363 GC-319E
Jhonaliza Villanueva CCC Apply Admissions and Records (408)855-5015 SEC-118 - Workstation 03
John Vlahos Interim Athletics Director Athletics (408)855-5540 Athletics Building
Mary Von Ploennies Associate Faculty Nutritional Science
Julie Vu Program Specialist Welcome Center 408-855-5288 SEC-105
Tracy Vu Part-Time Mathematics GC-114
Ellen Waage Instructor Department TBD TBD
Polly Waathiq P/T Faculty Advisor DSPS 408-855-5085 not listed
Roshawn Walter Counselor (Umoja) Counseling Services/Umoja (408)855-5030 SEC-139
Jan Wang Full-Time Faculty Health Occupations (408)855-5447 GC-212
Tracey Ward Program Supervisor International Student Services 408-855-5574 SEC-111
Matthew Warner-Davies Art Lab Technician Art 408-855-5364 Gilmour Center Art Annex GC-A106
Alison White Instructor Department TBD TBD
Kelly Wibbenmeyer Associate Faculty Business
John Wiley Associate Faculty ESL TBD TBD
Lisa Willett Student Enrollment & Financial Services Advisor Admissions and Records (408)855-5014 SEC-118 - Workstation 12
Debra Williams Director DSPS/VALOR (408)855-5089 CC-240/VALOR Center
Lania Williams Faculty Health Occupations (408) 855-5232 Gillmor Center, Room 341B
Vanessa Williams Instructor Department TBD TBD
Thais Winsome Full-Time Faculty Biological Sciences (408)855-5217 SCI-132-1A
Adrian Wise Faculty Political Science 408-855-5380 GC-314
Albert Wong Associate Faculty Engineering
Elaine Wong Librarian Library Services 408-855-5162 Library 273
Jiayin Wong Part-Time Mathematics GC-114
Liza Wong Administrative Specialist Math, Science & Engineering (408)855-5295
Kathryn Wood Faculty Political Science (408)855-5346 GC-337K
Randy Wu Project Coordinator Facilities 408-855-5242 MT-FAC
Brenna Wundram Faculty Kinesiology (408)855-5394 VK-11
Nanette Wylde Emeritus Faculty Child Development CDC
Wen-Xian (Wilbert) Xu Faculty History (408)855-5273 GC-316
David Yang Counselor Counseling Services (408)855-5032 SEC-139
Carolyn Ybarra Part-Time Instructor Anthropology
Albert Yu Part-Time Faculty Hospitality Management
Lale Yurtseven Associate Faculty Business
Mark Zamzow Coordinator/Instructor-Trainer (EH+S TC) | Admin/Program Specialist (HOC) Environmental Health & Safety Training Center (EH+S TC) | Health Occupations (HOC) (408) 855-5580 (EH+S TC) | (408) 855-5016 (HOC) SEC-332 (EH+S TC) | GC-235J (HOC)
Miguel Zaragoza Counselor (TRIO) Counseling Services/TRIO (408)855-5164 SEC-142/TRIO
Alejandro Zavala Counselor (EOPS) Counseling Services (408)855-5240 SEC-144/EOPS
Susan Zeisler Faculty English 408-855-5426 SEC-248N
Saul Zendejas Athletic Trainer Athletics 408-855-5539 Athletic Treatment Room
Milani Zepeda Executive Assistant Office Of The President 408-855-5123 SEC-341
David Zheng Associate Faculty Engineering
Michelle Zheng Associate Faculty Engineering
Kala Zhou Part-Time Mathematics GC-114
Christopher Zilg Faculty Business (408)855-5356 GC-319C