Noncredit Education

Mission College offers free noncredit courses that help you build skills and prepare for success in for credit courses and programs.

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If you're starting over, looking to change careers, or you've been working for a while but want to return (or start) your college education, we're here to support you.

Earn a Noncredit Certificate

Students may earn certificates in noncredit areas, but noncredit courses do not apply to degrees or transfer to other colleges.

Please Note: Noncredit courses have zero tuition cost and no fees. Federal Financial aid is not available for noncredit programs. Consult the Financial Aid Office for more information.

Current Noncredit Programs

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ESL for Child Care Certificate (Noncredit)

This program equips students with essential English skills needed to communicate at low-intermediate level with children. This includes listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in addition to parenting and childcare skills.

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Low-Beginning ESL Certificates (Noncredit)

Noncredit low-beginning to beginning ESL courses, designed to help students improve their listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, grammar, and writing skills. This program prepares students to enter ESL courses at the high beginning level.

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Low-Intermediate ESL Certificates (Noncredit) 

The Low-Intermediate ESL equips students with listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills for success in the intermediate level.

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Older Adults

We offer free art classes and senior preparedness courses for older adults living in various facilities year-round.

Older Adults

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Adult Education

In particular we support enrollment into noncredit programs and the transition from adult school or noncredit community college courses into credit-bearing courses and programs. Mission is a member of the South Bay Consortium for Adult Education.

We provide a seamless transition between adult school and community college.

Learn more about Adult Education.