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#art #activism

The artists in this exhibition, Jenny Balisle, Kristine Mays, Maria de Los Angeles, Priscilla Otani, and Robin Bernstein observe contemporary events and use art, writing and social media to bring awareness to issues that they are passionate about.

Bamboo and Haiku
#Bamboo and Haiku
Previous Exhibits
Two colorful paintings by Don Shields on a white gallery wall.
Don Shields

March 20, 2022 exhibition photos.

Don Shields
bamboo artwork hanging
Bamboo and Haiku

Spring 2020 - our Bamboo and Haiku exhibition.

Photo Gallery
skelton artwork
Dia de los Muertos

work associated with the annual Dia de los Muertos.

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drawing of woman's face
Faculty Exhibit

Faculty College present their work.

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metal artwork under class
Not So Heavy Metal II

An exhibition of artwork 10 inches or less.

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Chen in front of painting
A Humbling Odyssey

Hung Tsu Chen presents  A Humbling Odyssey.

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small statue kneeling


Kristin Lindseth presented Encounters.

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woman in front of paintings

Inspirations and Collaborations

Presented in March 2018.

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