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A young man and woman wear military uniforms and pose in front of the SEC building on Mission College campus.

VALOR Center for Veterans

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Justin Reynolds

Less than a year ago, I was living in a van and ready to drop out of my Mission College classes. I would log into my online classes when I could find Wi-Fi and keep the camera off. I was struggling and didn't know where to turn. Then, I contacted the VALOR Center. I am now in the process of purchasing a piece of property in Arizona through a VA loan. I hope to use the land and the Business degree I'm currently working on to start a sustainable farm. I know none of this would have been possible without the team at Mission College.

Justin Reynolds

VALOR Center

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Emotional Support Dog in a vest.

Disability Support Services (DSPS)

DSPS is located right next to the VALOR Center and offers a wide variety of tools to help students succeed.

Disability Support

Two Asian-American male Veterans in uniform at an event.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services are available for a variety of reasons-- personal, transfer, career, and academic. Located in SEC 139.


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