Mission College Facilities Rental

Facility Rentals

Rental Fees

Mission College is pleased to make its state of the art facilities available to the public for reasonable rental fees. Please reachout to us to learn more about holding your next wedding, concert, conference, fundraising event, and more!

To rent an athletic space please reachout to our Athletic Department.

Application Process

In order to best serve rental inquiries, please follow these steps: (Application should be submitted at least 4 weeks in advance of intended use.)

  1. Fill out the rental application on line using the link: Online Rental Application
  2. Allow up to ten (10) days to review your application to determine if Mission College can meet the event requirements.
  3. Upon review, we will follow up with an e-mail and/or phone call regarding request/accommodations.
  4. If necessary, we will schedule an on-site walkthrough prior to the event.
  5. The following items are required to move forward with rental:
    • Certificate of Liability Insurance. For more information about TULIP insurance, see bottom of page. Click to view sample of insurance.
    • $1000 security deposit (at least two weeks prior to event). (Check or money orders only made payable to Mission College. We are unable to take credit cards.)
    • W-9 form for verfication of organization name.
    • IRS Form 501(c)3 for non-profit status rates.
  6. An initial invoice/estimate will be created.  The initial invoice is our best estimate for the costs of your event, including but not limited to: facility rental fees,  custodial labor, supervisor labor, grounds labor, police labor, parking labor and equipment. This initial invoice is not the final invoice. Mission College reserves the right to invoice the renter if additional services (such as custodial), fees or damages have incurred.
  7. Upon email acceptance agreement of the estimated charges,  a Facilities Use Agreement will be sent for signature and will be forwarded to Vice President of Administrative Services for review and approval. 
  8. FInal payment must be recieved at least seven (7) days prior to event where possible. Upon Final Agreement, an invoice will be sent to permit holder. Mission College appreciates if full payment (separate from security deposit) is received at least seven (7) days prior to event where possible. Otherwise, full payment is due seven (7) days after the event. (Check or money order only made payable to Mission College. We are unable to take credit cards.)
  • Classrooms (capacity: 30 - 49):

Mission College has a considerable number of classrooms to meet most every need. Small classrooms can accommodate up to 30 people while larger classrooms have capacities up to 49. Some rooms are furnished with tablet armchairs and others have conference tables. All are 'smart' classrooms with multimedia capabilities, including Mac and PC computers, data projectors and WiFi. All classrooms come with whiteboards.

  • Lecture Halls (GC 103 -155 people; GC 107 - 149 people):

Our Lecture Halls have a capacity of 149-155 in stationary tablet armchairs or tables. They are all 'smart' rooms with PC computers hooked up to a data projector focused on an 8' X 12' screen. Located on the first floor of the Gillmor Center, all Lecture Halls are wheelchair accessible.

  • TAV 130 (capacity: 30 - 121):

Mission College’s TAV 130 is a smart room that has a large projection screen, podium and stage. The room can be configured in multiple ways (click link above for common configurations). Capacities range from 30 up to 121 (standing room).

  • Conference Rooms (capacity: 12 - 100, breakout rooms available):

Mission College has a number of conference rooms with capacities ranging from 12 to 100. Some are in proximity to breakout rooms as well. Most conference rooms have data projectors and hard-wire hook-ups for a laptop computer. All are wheelchair accessible and near restrooms.

  • Hospitality Management (capacity up to 220):

Our Hospitality Management facilities are state-of-the-art with a demonstration bar, televisions, projector and screen, and have a variety of arrangements to accommodate between 44 and 220 patrons. Discount rates are available with catering by our Hospitality Management commercial kitchen. Please visit Hospitality Management's Catering for more information.

  • Cafeteria (capacity: 275):

Our Cafeteria is has floor-to-ceiling windows with a variety of round tables, high top, and "bar" style seating with accommodations for up to 275.

  • Gymnasium (two bleachers, can hold total of 1,700):

The Mission College Gymnasium is located closest to Parking Lot "D" and has a maximum seating capacity of 1,700 in the bleachers. When the electronically folding bleachers are put away, the hard wood floor can be used for a full-court basketball game, or two half-sized games with a folding partition. The gym can also be configured for badminton or volleyball. It is fully wheelchair accessible, has a sound system with microphone and music capabilities, and large capacity restrooms. The college's locker room facility is situated next to the gym.

  • Dance Studios (two studios, capacity: 30 - 60):

The college has two dance studios with capacities from 30 - 60 at a time. Each room has a hardwood floor and one wall of mirrors. The smaller room has a ballet barre on two walls and the larger room can be divided in two with a folding wall. Both rooms have wireless microphones and high-end sound systems and are wheelchair accessible and close to restrooms.

  • Athletic Fields (four fields):

Due to current construction the Athletic Feilds are not available for renting.

Mission College has a newly renovated baseball field with a digital scoreboard, dugouts and bleachers. Located in the 'sports quadraplex,' the baseball field is adjacent to two additional softball fields and a mixed-use soccer/softball field. Restrooms, vending machines and a concession stand are situated at the central point where these four fields meet. The fields are easily reached from Parking Lot "D."

  • Tennis Courts (eight courts)

The tennis courts remain close to all members of the public. There is currently no date selected for the reopeing of the courts.

Mission College has eight regulation-size tennis courts located on the north side of the campus. Installed with wind-dampening screens and the courts are adjacent to restrooms and vending machines.

Online Insurance

Keenan-TULIP allows the user to purchase TULIP (Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy) coverage, also known as "Events Coverage." It is used by Facility Owners that permit "Third Parties" to use their facilities for specific events. It protects both the Facility User and the Facility Owner against claims by third parties who may be injured as a result of participating in an event.

If there is alcohol involved in the event being held, this would fall into the "social gatherings" category and an additional fee would be charged for alcohol, this is underwritten on a per diem scale through Benemarc. The best way to get a quote would be to enter all the data into the program online and see what the final cost would be, which will show up before binding coverage online.

Upon log-in you will be prompted to create a profile and be guided through the website. Coverage is secured through the payment of a major credit card.