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Placement and Assessment Services

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Placement Services

Placement and Assessment Services is here to assist with the placement process for English, Math, and English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. 

*All students have the right to access transfer-level coursework in Math and English, and academic credit ESL coursework. Mission College uses your high school performance data to determine placement in English and Math, and offers a guided self-placement option for those unable to provide this data or for those who wish to explore the range of course offerings.  

English/Math Placement Assistance Tool


Assessment Services

Additionally, we offer assistance with various assessment processes which can help you achieve your educational goals more quickly by connecting you with various methods to benefit from your prior learning, including learning from high school, other colleges, standardized exams, military service, and more.

Hours of Operation (Subject to change without notice)

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Any Questions, please contact our office at We are closed on college holidays.