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We Support Students

In addition to clubs and a thriving roster of sports teams, we have a number of areas on our campus that support diverse student populations. These include first-generation college students, single parents, undocumented immigrants, and veterans.

Have a question? Stop by our Welcome Center and let us help you have a great experience at Mission. 

We are also home to numerous student clubs.

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Program Requirements

Features of our various support programs at a glance.

Program Requirements
athletics M logo


The athletics wing of the college at Learn more.

Mission Saints
ASG logo

Student Government 

ASG Student Government is an important part of student life.

Student Government
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CalWORKS provides temporary aid for needy families, especially single parents.

CalWORKs Program
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Undocumented Students

We ensure that all our students have the resources they need to succeed.

Undocumented Students
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Disability Support 

We offer disability support for students with reasonable accommodations.

Disability Support
eops logo


Extended support services to students with economic, educational, or language challenges.

EOPS Program
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Fostering Success

Services for unaccompanied, unhoused, homeless, or foster youth. 

Fostering Success
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Highly-motivated students participate in enriched experiences through Honors.

Honors Program
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International Students

We welcome our international students to campus with open arms.

INTL Students
Umoja Logo


Committed to the academic success and personal growth of Black students.

Umoja Program
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A community of students majoring in math, engineering, or science. Learn more today.

MESA Program
puente logo


PUENTE assists students earn admission to four-year colleges.

Puente Program
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Increasing retention and graduation rates of marginalized students.

TRIO Program
VALOR Veterans logo


VALOR provides services for our military veterans. Learn more.

VALOR Program