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Student Support Programs

Resources to Help You Succeed

We have a number of programs on our campus that support diverse student populations. If you are a member of a student support program, selected counselors are available to meet your specialized needs.

Note: You are encouraged to see your program counselor in order to receive certain benefits. However, you may choose to see any counselor from General Counseling for additional assistance.

We also offer counselor selections based on your preferred language or Major and Career Pathways.


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The athletics wing of the college at Learn more.

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Disability Support

We offer disability support for students with reasonable accommodations.

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Foster Youth Success Initiative

For current and former foster youth (up to age 25) and unaccompanied/homeless youth (up to age 25.)

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We welcome our international students to campus with open arms.

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Increasing retention and graduation rates of marginalized students.

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VALOR (Veterans)

VALOR provides services for our military veterans. Learn more.



CalWORKs provides temporary aid for needy families, especially single parents.

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EOPS Program

Extended support services to students with economic, educational, or language challenges.

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Honors Program

Highly-motivated students participate in enriched experiences through Honors.

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Puente Program

Puente assists students earn admission to four-year colleges.

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Committed to the academic success and personal growth of Black students.