Starfish for Student Success


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Starfish for Success!

Mission College is now using Starfish, an exciting new platform supporting your success as a student!  In Starfish you can:

  • Connect with staff and services tailored for you in "My Success Network"
  • Make appointments with staff and services across campus
  • Receive messages from instructors and counselors
  • Receive kudos, flags and referrals during our Spring and Fall term Progress Check periods
  • See your completed courses with grades
  • See the courses you are enrolled in for upcoming terms

Starfish Log In

Log in to Starfish using the button below.

Starfish Login

Log into Starfish in the following ways:

  • Directly from your course in Canvas. The log-in is a link on the left-side menu.
  • At the top of any Mission College webpage. Look in the menu at the very top of any page.
  • From your Mission Portal. 
  • Using the teal button above.

As a student, Starfish creates a success network of communication that helps ensure you are connected and that the right people are able to provide you with assistance as needed! Getting Started with Starfish Guide for Students PDF.

Understanding Your Starfish Dashbboard
Setting Up Your Starfish Profile

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