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Winter/Spring 2022 Schedule is Live

Important: Vaccine Policy

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Important: Vaccine Policy

You must complete our Covid-19 Self-Screening Requirement when on campus available by downloading our Mobile App.


New Search Options for Winter/Spring 2022 

For Winter/Spring 2022, students can search classes using the instructional methods below. Register, add, & drop using My Mission Portal.

In-Person Courses

Courses in which all instruction occurs in-person at an assigned location.

Online Asynchronous

Courses in which all instruction occurs online, and there are no requirements for online videoconferences. 

Students complete the course on their time, while meeting instructor set deadlines.

Online Synchronous

Courses in which all instruction occurs online, with varying amounts of required videoconferences at designated days and times. 


Courses in which some instruction occurs in-person at an assigned location, and some instruction occurs online either asynchronously or synchronously.

Work Experience

Course which are designated as work experience.

Tutoring Courses

Courses in which students enroll to access tutoring services. For Spring 2022, all Mission College students can access tutoring with no course enrollment requirements.

Hyflex Courses

Courses in which students can attend in-person or online via videoconference. Currently, for Spring 2022 Mission College has not scheduled any Hyflex courses.

The cover of the Summer and Fall catalog for 2021 from Mission College. There are four blye squares in the center of the page. In the top right square, a young woman of LatinX descene wears glasses and a black commencement cap and gown. She is holding a book that says "The 10 habits of Highly Successful Women." In the box below her and over to the left, a young man of Asian descene holds a pennant flag that says MIssion College. A link is printed along the bottom of the page that reads

2021 Summer/Fall Schedule       

Complete Summer/Fall 2021 Schedule (PDF)
(subject to change, please search for latest offerings)

Note: This PDF schedule is accurate as of publication date in April 2021. Please verify course information and check for changes by using the class search tool.