Student Government at Mission

"Come as You Are, Leave as a Leader"

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Attend an ASG Meeting

Senate meetings meet at Wednesdays at 2:30 p.m. in Campus Center Room 215.

What is ASG?

The Associated Student Government (ASG) is comprised of goal-driven student leaders who represent the voice of Mission College students. ASG provides programs and services to promote student needs, holds campus-wide events, and represents all students at college and district-wide committees.

The ASG Senate consists of a president, vice president, student trustee, director of finance, director of activities, director of recruitment, director of health and safety, director of marketing, secretary, and senators.

There are numerous advantages to becoming an active ASG officer or senator.

You can gain valuable experience in areas of leadership skills, finance, and activities coordination, as well as learning and understanding governmental and electoral procedures.
You get to play an active role in deciding how ASG allocates over $145,000 of its annual income.

ASG attends out-of-town conferences funded by the ASG student representation fee.

Leadership and State Senate conferences teach students how to develop their leadership skills, build friendships with other student leaders across California, strengthen campus communities, and better themselves in the Senate.

These conferences are fun, informative, and also provide valuable insight into organizational development.

  • Be enrolled in six (6) or more units with a GPA of 2.0 or better*, must not be on academic probation, must maintain this GPA, and not drop below the required units while in office.
  • Cannot be elected officer or senate member of any other government (excluding clubs) at any other college.
  • Must hold a current ASG sticker, both at the time of petition and during the term of office.
  • Must attend a minimum of four(4) ASG meetings prior to filing a petition to run for office.
  • Be able to attend all Senate meetings on Wednesdays at 2:30 p.m. in Campus Center Room 215 and devote time to Senate activities.
  • If confirmed, senators or officers cannot represent another institution (college government) at any outside function (excluding clubs) in an official capacity.
  • Comply with qualifications and guidelines as set forth in the California Education Code, the West Valley-Mission Community College District Board Policies, the ASG Constitution, and the ASG Bylaws.
  • If confirmed, Senators or Officers are required to devote three hours per week to the ASG office.
  • If confirmed, Senators or Officers agree to periodic grade checks to be conducted by the advisor.

* Student Trustee and President need a GPA of 2.5 or better.

I’d love to join!

We have Senator applications available in the Office of Student Activities in the Campus Center, Room 231. If you’d like more information or to speak to an ASG senator, visit the ASG office on the second floor of the Campus Center, Room 202.

…but I can’t make the mandatory ASG meetings. What can I do?

Have no worries! We understand that as a busy college student, you may have a lot on your plate.

If you’re interested in being a part of the ASG Senate but cannot commit to attending the weekly ASG meetings, you can always become a member of our awesome Saint Squad!

After volunteering at least four hours of service with ASG, you can print, fill out, and submit the application to the Office of Student Activities in the Campus Center, Room 231.