Parking Fees Waived for Fall 2023 Semester

In an effort to improve student equity and success, the Board of Trustees has temporarily approved the distribution of free semester-length student parking permits to all registered students. This fee waiver will be in effect starting with the Spring 2023 semester and continuing through the Spring of 2024.

To receive a semester-length permit at no cost, order your permit by logging into the student portal. Then, use the “Parking Permit” ordering link found within the portal. Using the link in the portal is necessary to ensure that your student status is confirmed, and the permit fee waived at checkout.

Your student ID number, car make, model, year, and license plate number are required at time of order. A printable temporary permit will be immediately provided by email if the permit ordered is currently in use.

All permits must be displayed on the front dashboard and the entire permit, including the expiration date, must be visible from the outside of the vehicle.

Parking Regulations

A valid student, staff, or one-day “daily” visitor parking permit is required to park on campus.

Student and visitor parking permit requirements are enforced Monday through Sunday, between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Purchase and/or possession of a permit does not authorize parking on campus. It is the responsibility of the driver to properly park the vehicle and to properly display a valid and authorized permit. Vehicles with car covers are no exception.

Restricted areas, including disabled parking, red zones, loading zones, staff parking, and time zones, are enforced every day, 24-hours a day. Overnight parking is prohibited without prior authorization from the District Police. 

Free Short-Term 40-Minute Visitor Parking

Visitors who will be on campus for a brief visit may take advantage of forty (40) minute time zone parking stalls located in the visitor lot at the front of campus next to the drop off circle, or at the front of Parking Lot A. 

Visitors – Purchasing a Parking Permit 

One-day “Daily” parking permits may be purchased at any of the daily permit dispensers located in parking lots B, C and D. Daily permits are $3.00 per day and all dispensers will accept cash, coins, and credit cards.

Visitors that come to campus frequently may choose to purchase a semester-length student parking permit.

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