Mission College Art

Female student of Asian descent creates a piece of pottery out of clay.
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  • Take courses that satisfy UC and Cal State transfer requirements.
  • Take a class for fun.
  • Come to an art showing at the Vargas Gallery.

Located in our Art Annex as well as in the Gillmor Center next to the Vargas Gallery, we offer a wide variety of classes for any interest. Whether you like to draw, paint, sketch or create, Mission College's Art Department has something for everyone.

Mural project. Three students sit with instructor on curb in front of a bright mural. One female/slim/Latina in a black hoodie, one slim and white or Latino with green pants and red shirt, and the other female with bright red pink hair under a maroon beanie and striped red and black long-sleeved shirt. The instructor is in a t-shirt with a yellow/red logo (non discernible), a black beanie, and dark tan pants. He is Latino and in late twenties/thirties.

Art/Art History Department

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Two women look at art on the wall.

Visit the Vargas Gallery

Located in the Gillmor Center the Vargas Gallery shows off work from our Mission College community as well as artists in Santa Clara County.

Arts Careers

Skills Needed

  • Solving problems
  • Collaborating with others
  • Networking among artists
  • Planning and installing exhibitions
  • Assessing client needs
  • Managing design and product
  • Seeing, drawing, and understanding form
  • Visualizing shapes, relationships and functions
  • Mastering use of color, space, and line
  • Thinking creatively

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If you don't know what to major in, or you already have a major but don't know how it translates into a career, start here. At Mission we can help you research your major and career options so you can make informed decisions. Read more about Career paths.

Art-Related Careers

  • Art Librarian
  • Art Therapist
  • Graphic Design
  • Art Conservator
  • Arts Administration
  • Education/Teaching
  • Publishing/Journalism
  • Visual Resources Curator
  • Museum/Gallery Professional
  • Computer Art/Animation Specialist
  • Furniture Design