Staff and Faculty in Student Services

First Name Last Name Title Department E-Mail Phone Location
Susana Anaya HSI-STEM Office Coordinator HSI-STEM [email protected] (408) 855-5536
Julian Branch Julian Branch, Ph.D.. Director of Educational Partnerships Workforce Economic Development [email protected] (408) 855-5023
Jouney Chong International Student Advisor International Student Services [email protected] (408) 855-5107 SEC 111A
Rebecca Davidson STEMCore Program Specialist [email protected]
Thanh Do IT Analyst Student Services [email protected] (408) 855-5171 SEC-340F
Steve Duong Program Specialist (Rising Scholars) Instruction Department [email protected] (408) 855-5298
Mario Flores HSI-STEM Outreach Coordinator HSI-STEM [email protected] (408)855-5059 SEC-350
Raymond Gerardo Educational Testing & Technical Specialist Assessment Center [email protected] (408) 855-5099 SEC-139
Katie Hass Career and Transfer Services Program Analyst / LAEP Co-Coordinator Student Support Services [email protected] (408) 855-5304
Connor Keese Director of Outreach & Student Development Outreach [email protected] (408) 855-5072 SEC-120C
Truc Le Smart Pass Coordinator and Tech Assistant Student Activities [email protected] (408) 855-5284 CC-231
Fen Li International Student Advisor International Student Services [email protected]
My Loi Admin Specialist (Student Services) Student Support Services [email protected] (408) 855-5196 SEC-122A
Araceli Lopez (She/Her/Ella) Program Specialist for EOPS/CARE and CalWORKS EOPS/CARE & CalWORKs [email protected] (408) 855-5057 SEC-148A
Amanda Marshall EOPS Program Specialist EOPS [email protected] (408) 855-5055 SEC 148
Zita Melton Sr. Admin Assistant Student Services [email protected] (408) 855-5197 CC-222
Jorge Murillo Work Readiness-Industry Coordinator; Grad Guru HSI STEM [email protected] (408) 855-5218 SEC-350
Lusyna Narvaez Program Specialist (Student Equity), Adjunct Child Development Faculty Student Services [email protected] (408) 855-5526 SEC 344
Jennifer Nguyen AANAPISI/AANHPI SAP Program Coordinator AANAPISI [email protected] (408) 855-5342
Liz Pelayo Administrative Assistant (Student Activities) Student Activities [email protected] (408) 855-5406 CC-231
Bianca Pimental Student Success Coach Outreach [email protected]
Elizabeth Ramirez Program Analyst (Outreach) Outreach Recruitment [email protected] (408) 855-5009
Sandra Ramirez Sandra Ramirez NextUp [email protected] SEC 148
Rachelle Rivers Program Specialist (Apprenticeship) Workforce Innovation Division [email protected] (408) 855-5658 BT 217A
Vianey Topete TRIO SSS/TRIO STEM Program Specialist TRIO [email protected] (408)855-5192 SEC-146
Ngoc-Tu Trinh Office Coordinator CalWORKS [email protected] (408) 855-5223 SEC-144 (150)
Julie Vu Program Specialist Welcome Center [email protected] (408) 855-5288 SEC-105