Mission Review! 2023 Issue

"Snack" features a graphic design image of a young girl around four with long dark hair and pajamas feeding a blue dragon light from her palm. The dragon is intrivate and looks kind, with flowing hair-lock locks on it's lizard-likehead. It's long body wraps up and through a large semi-translucent orb behind it. The girl and the dragon are seated on the roof of a house at night.

Artwork by Nhien Nguyen - "Snack"

Welcome to Issue 3 of The Mission Review!

We at The Mission Review! are passionate about literature, art, community, and diversity. Some of us in these pages are seasoned and experienced poets and writers.

Others are conducting passionate early experiments. Some of us possess artistic vision stretching far into the future. Others seek momentary stays against the stresses of daily life. But we all create. And all of our voices and visions matter.



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