How to Submit Your Work

Deadline Submission Friday May 13, 2024

Submit Your Work

You will be notified on May 14 -15 regarding the status of your submission. The journal will be released early in the Fall 2024 semester, and all participants will be invited to a participate in a release party/reading.

The Mission Review! is a new online journal showcasing the literature, art, and creative endeavors of Mission College students. All submissions must be original unpublished work.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted; however, if your work gets accepted in another publication, please notify Ted Shank at [email protected].

Works Can include

Short Story, poetry, memoir, essay/social comentary, review of a book, film, play or performance, art, drawing, painting, digital art, or other. Submit your work along with a contact details, and a short third-person biography (100-150 words.)

Students discuss their work in a college classroom.

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About the Mission Review!

Edited by English instructor Ted Shank, submissions are from students at Mission College. If look forward to receiving your work and developing the submissions with you.

We at The Mission Review! are passionate about literature, art, community, and diversity. Some of us in these pages are seasoned and experienced poets and writers. Others are conducting passionate early experiments.

Some of us possess artistic vision stretching far into the future. Others seek momentary stays against the stresses of daily life. But we all create. And all of our voices and visions matter. This includes you. Let the literature and art in these pages activate your imagination and inspire your creativity. Then join us!

The Mission Review! is here to stay, a place to celebrate and uplift our diverse Mission College literary and artistic community.