Dance dance,

Thank you for telling me the meaning of the ambiguous.

Even this body not ever under my own control, I am still dancing.

Don’t even blink. Let’s dance!

With these chaotic steps, my eyes, my hands.

Just jump into this dark pool.

Sway your body and sing, pass the tiny box, pass the past.

Thank you for telling me it will never end if I run.

Even those eyes turn into bleak, I am still dancing.

Fall down is fine, let’s keep dancing ! Use our sense of touch to know,

the true meaning of living.

Get into this hideous ocean together. Even don’t know what this voice was born for,

let my finger down, let the bones show the path I should be.

Don’t just stand in the blue room with her voice.

Just dance.

Even you can’t dance without me.

Just keep dancing.

Meanwhile, you will be full.

Light off, fall down, resist the fact.

Even today, I am still dancing.

Even you should be waiting at the end of the road but you don’t.

I am still dancing.

About the Poet

A computer science primary international student from Taiwan,Greg Lu decided to pursue his studies abroad to expand their horizons and learn from different cultures and perspectives.  Despite being a Computer Science major, he still enjoys writing novels in their free time, and dreams about creating a video game script.