Nhien Nguyen - Artwork


Nhien Nguyen - Artwork


"Snack" features a graphic design image of a young girl around four with long dark hair and pajamas feeding a blue dragon light from her palm. The dragon is intrivate and looks kind, with flowing hair-lock locks on it's lizard-likehead. It's long body wraps up and through a large semi-translucent orb behind it. The girl and the dragon are seated on the roof of a house at night.


"Spell" by N Nguyen. a woman and a little girl standing in front of a book shelf. The woman wears a dark victorian style gown with dark hair pulled up in an intricate style. She holds a wand and opens a portal that sparks bright green water-like energy.

About the Artist

Nhien Nguyen is a Graphic Design student with a strong interest in traditional and digital art. Her artwork is mainly about fantasy and adventure. In digital art, she enjoys using photo manipulation techniques to create fantasy creatures like dragons, mermaids, witches, etc., to incorporate with fairytales.