Julie Flores - Poetry

Guided by Cookies

You will chart

a new path

towards independence


To reach distant places,

you must take

the first step.

Don’t be tempted

by shortcuts.

They’re never

worth it

in the end.

Beauty is not

In the face;

It is the light

in the heart.

Your wisdom

will influence others.

Your life will be

happy & peaceful.

Luck will soon

come your way.

If you want it…

Take it.

For all you needed

is a little cookie gifted

with parchment of red letters

to guide your way.

About the Poet

Julie Flores is a Mission College alumnus and lifelong learner that returned to explore her interest in starting a food business by joining the Hospitality Management, Culinary Arts & Baking/Pastry programs. Julie advocates for the student's voice, works to improve the image around mental health, and pushes for a more sustainable campus and world. When not on a college campus, she is a world traveler, observer, photographer, free-form poet, and cat whisperer.