Isabel Espinoza - Artwork


Isabel Espinoza - Artwork

"Bayside Vibes"

"Bayside Vibes" a photo of a peninsula area with water and a raised structure on long legs in the waning sunset.

"Causes of Euphoria"

"Causes of Euphora" a photo of palm trees at sunset against a pink, purple, and orange sky.

About the Artist

Isabel Espinoza is a second-year student at Mission. She is an English major and is passionate about writing, activism, and nature photography. Isabel plans to transfer to Santa Clara University, where she can earn her bachelor’s degree in English and minor in creative writing. She dreams of being an author and bringing more Latina'representation to inspire other Latinas to follow their dreams. “My primary purpose behind my writing is to inspire, motivate, and better my readers’ lives. I want to bring strength and hope to others struggling with mental illness, and I also wish to bring more representation into this world. If I can inspire, better, or change someone’s life through my writing, my mission as a writer will be complete.”