Jerielle Francisco - Poetry

Flame Tree

              Burn—burn, burn, burn. 
For our sisters and your 

Burn red with passion to 
Wrestle with injustice 
And prepare for controversy’s 
Flames to confront us.

             Burn-burn, burn, burn. 
For your mothers and your  

Who have struggled through 
Structured cruelty. 
Resistant yet hesitant towards 
Sinful brutality. 

             Burn—burn, burn, burn. 
For the unresolved future of 
Your lovers 
And for the unprotected 
Destiny of others. 

              Burn—burn, burn, burn. 
With your mind and heart 
Ignited with compassion’s 
And sincere love and 
Benevolence placed forth. 

            Burn—burn, burn, burn. 


And when the Atlantic rises 
Clashing with the Horizons 
With terror, I will search for You 
And when the Ring blushes a bloody hue 
Clashing with the Pacific’s neverending blue 
With uncertainty, I will search for You 

And when Bennu finally reaches our shore 
Clashing its wings with Earth’s burning core 
With wonder, I will search for You 

You, Time—the embodiment of unattainable mercy 
With law and nature tattooed. 
You, Time—my personal legacy. 
With desperate devotion, I will seek more of You. 

About the Artist

Jerielle Francisco, a Filipino student, was born in the busy city of San Jose and later moved to the peaceful small island of Saipan. For nine years, Jerielle has resided on a twelve-mile island smaller than most universities, a haven filled with many cultures, connections, and natural beauty.

Saipan truly helped Jerielle appreciate Earth's beauty, adore different cultures, and understand the life triumphs and struggles of others. It was also a place that helped her discover hobbies and long-term passions. These include studying to become a Human Resource Manager while crocheting and watching films.

Jerielle is pursuing an AS-T in Business Administration with the goal of transferring to a four-year institution. A majority of her classes involve economics, business law, and business math.