"The Promise" by Ebrahimi Azarnay bin

Domarina Ebrahimi - Poetry

The Promise


As a child, I looked at you from afar;
Land of opportunities’ what they say;
I thought I could brave the water, reach the star;
To enjoy your blessings, to myself I say.

Life’s been good for a while;
Til I come out and walk at the alley;
There I saw even from a mile;
That life really is not what they say.

Whiteness’ a property;
Whiteness secures life;
Whiteness takes life too;
Of George, Breonna and countless many.

They’re oppressed til’ they couldn’t breathe;
The silence of the night protects no more;
Armed with zeal, they force through the door;
And the rain drops, bullets on the floor.

Then two score years ago, the bad wind came;
I saw twenty packed in one;
They’re helpless against the faceless;
But they couldn’t ask for help;
Lest they’ll be sent packing;
“Which fear is greater?”, they asked themselves;
Stay half-dead or go home without life?
Many chose the former.
And there they are;
Thinking about what they were promised.


About Domarina Ebrahimi 

Domarina Ebrahimi is 39 years old and in her first year at Mission College. She was was born in Iran, but is an Assyrian who grew up in Dubai. She's been in the U.S. for almost 14, years and is studying Criminal Justice. Her desire to be part of law enforcement stems from an aspiration to achieve social justice.

Currently, Domarina works as an office manager at the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce, Santa Clara, and as a Membership Coordinator for the same institution for four years before that.

She likes history, especially the political history of the U.S., the world, and the evolution of music.