Hannah Guevarra - Poetry

Room #7

Living Inside room #7 
Studying, thinking, watching, reading, writing 
What else to do? 
I don't wanna die 
I want to do a lot of things 
I want to appreciate a lot of things 
But why does it feel like I cannot do it 
There's nothing driving me to do these things 
I don't wanna die 
But it seems like I'm dying from the inside 
Still living in Room #7 
The lucky number 7 
Am I lucky then? 
I have a lot of things to do 
I have a lot of things to appreciate 
And I am living, breathing, inside room #7 

About the Artist

Hannah Guevarra, a second year student at Mission College, is 19 years old. A Biology major, Hannah hopes to transfer to SJSU in the Fall 2022 semester. Hannah likes reading books, watching webtoons and anime, kpop, and being healthy.