Osama Malak - Poetry

Mythical Bird

Ocean God born mortal, thus they descend.
On a golden chariot, falling towards mortal land,
Olympian decree, eternal time she will spend,
Unruffled nature, over Titan blood she will stand.

On the shores of Aeaea, she lay
under blue skies, dark summer rays shone.
Herbs, kind words, creation she could sway,
Nature bending towards its final throne.

Damned eternal life, a mortal being will come!
Divinity in nature she will no longer be.
Amongst mortal souls, she will succumb,
But the Goddess Circe is finally free.

O Mythical Bird fly, escape the scorching sun.
Alongside great rivers, where fate can be spun.

This poem was written after reading the novel Circe for my Classical Mythology class in Fall 2021. I wanted to create a poem for Circe that captured key moments or themes during different phases of her life. The different phases being key moments in her past, present and future which pushed her to the next phase. 

About the Artist

Osama Malak has always been passionate about literature since the time his mom and dad would read him pages from novels at bedtime. Despite this passion for literature, Malak never had the courage to write his own poem or short story. Thankfully, the Mission Review! provided Malak the perfect opportunity to submit his creative writing.