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What is High School Articulation?

A high school course(s) that a college faculty member in the discipline have determined to be comparable to a specific community college course. At Mission College, we currently have 70 agreements across multiple majors. This is not a form of dual enrollment, though it is a form of early college credit often available to high school students. Articulation provides a streamlined path for students who complete a program of study in high school and wish to continue on their path at Mission College.

These articulation agreements create a sequence of progressive, non-duplicated educational courses leading to a certificate, and/or a degree in a wide range of fields and careers

High Schools, Adult Schools, and ROPs

Start the process of establishing an Articulation Agreement by emailing [email protected]

Articulation agreements, once formalized are effective for a two-year period. 

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New and Renewal Course Articulation Information

CTE Course Articulation Directory

The directories below contain articulation agreements. The 2020-2022 directory holds renewed and new approved agreements.  

Other Documents and Resources

CTE Articulated Credit Request

For students to receive college credit, an active articulation agreement must be in place between the school and Mission College at the time the student was enrolled in the class.


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Now Accepting Course Articulation Proposals for 2022-24

CTE Course Articulation Agreements

Mission College is now accepting articulation agreement for 2022-2024 academic years. Teachers may access the Course Outline of Record (COR) to propose new agreements. The agreement forms can be found under the "Instructor Forms" link, which is found on the website.

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