Child Development Center Staff

Our Child Development Center Staff and Faculty are excited about answering any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

Anne Horgan, Program Director

Anne Horgan, Program Director

Anne Horgan, Program Director 
(408) 855-5177


Bluebells Classroom 

(408) 855-7685 

Destiny Walker, Senior Specialist

Yuqing Wang, Classroom Specialist

Roses Classroom 

(408) 855-7668

Karina Valencia, Senior Specialist

Andrea Gonzalez, Classroom Specialist

Snapdragons Classroom 

(408) 855-7663 

Phuong Pham, Senior Specialist 

Orchids Classroom 

(408) 855-5470

Shuchi Nangia, Senior Specialist

Lan Nguyen, Classroom Specialist