Program Highlights

Highly Educated Teachers

The CDC is staffed by full-time Master Teachers who have degrees in Early Childhood Education. Teachers have training and experience in all areas of child development. Annually, Master Teachers complete a minimum of 21 hours of professional development/continuing education.

Low Adult-Child Ratios

The CDC maintains a ratio of:

  • 1:3 – in the infant/toddler rooms ages 6 weeks – 18 months
  • 1:4 – in the toddler rooms ages 24-36 months
  • 1:8 – in the preschool rooms ages 36-60 months

An Environment Build for Play

We believe play is the natural medium through which growth and development can best be realized for each child. Therefore, our program reflects an emergent play-based curriculum in a natural setting.

We establish an aesthetically beautiful environment in which children are free to explore, create, learn and grow.

We believe children learn by doing and discovering for themselves, so adults provide opportunities for children to experiment and explore their environment.

Adults serve as guides, facilitators, and co-discoverers, rather than direct instructors. Curriculum topics emerge out of the interests and needs of the children.

Commitment to Diversity

Our curriculum is ethnically diverse, non-sexist, and anti-biased. This is demonstrated in the use of appropriate materials, toys, books, pictures, and foods.

We employ a diverse staff and are often assisted by our parents and Child Development students in providing unique ethnic and culturally relevant experiences.

Open to All

The program operates on a non-discriminatory basis, according equal opportunity for access to services and employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sexual preference, or special needs and disabilities. No religious instruction of any kind is provided.