Classifed Senate Board

Mission College Classified Senate Email: [email protected]
Mission College Classified Senate is composed of four officers and fourteen senators.

Classified Senate Officers

Role Name Department Email Term
President Kristal Dela Cruz Administrative Services [email protected]  2022-2024
Vice President Amanda Marshall EOPS [email protected]  2022-2024
Secretary VACANT     2023-2025
Treasurer Vianey Topete* TRIO STEM [email protected]  2023-2025

Classified Senators

(Alphabetical by First Name)

Name Department Area Email Term
Analiza Dasalla Admission & Records Area 5  [email protected]  2022-2024
Brian Shively Administrative Services Area 7 [email protected]   2022-2024
Edward Fedalizo Office of Instruction Area 2 [email protected]  2023-2025
Jessica Nguyen Records Area 5 [email protected]  2023-2025
Marie Keith President's Office Area 1 [email protected]  2024-2025
Melissa Delos Reyes Administrative Services Area 1 [email protected]   2022-2024
Melissa Johnsgard Student Health Services Area 4 [email protected]  2023-2025
Phuong Pham Child Development Center Area 6 [email protected]  2022-2024
Rosa Huynh Facilities Area 7 [email protected] 2023-2025
Saul Zendejas Athletics Area 3 [email protected]  2023-2025
Steve Duong Adult Education Area 2 [email protected]  2022-2024
Susana Anaya HSI-STEM Area 4 [email protected]  2023-2024
Barbara McMahon Biological Sciences Area 3 [email protected]  2022-2024
Yesenia Melgoza Student Activities Area 6 [email protected]  2023-2025



 Area Departments/Programs Senators / Liaisons
Area 1 District IS/ETS, Administrative Services, Research, President's Office, Marketing & Public Relations Melissa Delos Reyes
Shelbie Turner
Area 2 Office of Instruction, Academic Services Division (Library), People, Culture & Society Division, Business, Education & Service Industries Division Edward Fedalizo
Steve Duong
Area 3 STEM Division, Workforce Innovations Division, Health, Wellness, & Public Safety Division, Athletics & Creative Arts & Communication Division Saul Zendejas
Area 4 EOPS/CalWorks, HSI-STEM, International Students CenterStudent Equity & Success, Student Health Serices, TRIO, Counseling & Learning Services Division Susana Anaya
Melissa Johnsgard
Area 5 Admissions, Records & Financial Aid, Welcome Center Jessica Nguyen
Analiza Dasalla
Area 6 Student Services (VP), Outreach, Student Development, DSPS, Valor, Child Development Center Phuong Pham
Yesenia Melgoza
Area 7 District Facilities, District Parking Services (Police) Brian Shively
Rosa Huynh


Past Presidents

  • 2020-22 Kristal Dela Cruz
  • 2018-20 Thanh Do
  • 2016-18 Brian Goo
  • 2014-16 Renee Ruzicka (until Sept 2015), Mike Denne (until May 2016), Susan Monahan
  • 2012-14 Sarah Randle
  • 2010-12 No records
  • 2008-10 My Loi
  • 2006-08 Shoba Singh
  • 2004-06 Doug Masury
  • 2003-04 Unknown
  • 2002-03 Matthew Grayson