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Mission Buddies

Mission Buddies Program begain in Spring 2019 first led by Monica Sain.   The Mission Buddies Program gives new Mission College Classified Professionals employees a warm welcome and familiarizes them with Mission College‚Äôs culture.

New employees are treated to a formal Classified Senate welcome and meet members of the Classified Senate.  New hires will also receive a tour of the campus and a welcome bag. Most important, new employees will be paired with Mission Buddy (peer mentor) who will serve as a resource and moral support for new employee.

New employees are also invited to Mission Buddies events planned by the Classified Senate Mission Buddies Team. 

Core Team

  • Lusyna Narvaez, co-lead
  • Mary Ann Medrano, co-lead
  • Tricia Darrell
  • Lucia Moreno
  • Epigmenio Vazquez-Vega