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We recognize the efforts and achievements of our staff members. 

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Nguyet Tran, VALOR

Nguyet has been taking on her new role in VALOR Center and really connecting with our veteran students. She has been doing an awesome job planning Veteran's Week and I want to acknowledge her hard work in preparing for these in-person events. 

- Submitted by Marianna Troy

Lisa Willett, Enrollment and Financial Aid

Kudos to Lisa for being so responsive to emails I send her way with questions on processes and procedures associating with her area of expertise. Thank you Lisa. 

- Submitted by Raiida Thompson


Jorge Murillo, HSI-STEM

Jorge is active and involved in so many different spaces. He always asks thoughtful questions and brings up important matters for consideration.

He has really stepped up in both Classified Senate and Caring Campus this year. And he is always a joy to work with.

Thank you for being such a great student advocate and asset to Mission College, Jorge.

- Submitted by Amanda Marshall

Linda Van, Program Specialist Counseling

Linda interacted with a student who was experiencing high levels of anxiety with a caring and empathetic lens.

I noticed she was attentively listening to the student for at least 10 minutes, and even walked her to a nearby Hunger Free Campus bin located in the TRIO/EOPS/CalWORKS suite.

I crossed paths with the student afterwards (common area & restroom) and one could tell she was in a much better state of mind.

Not only did Linda take the time to make the student feel seen and heard, she provided immediate resources and information that supported the student at that moment.

- Submitted by Vianey Topete


Rosa Huynh, Facilities

Thanks for your help and prompt response on facilities help.

- Submitted by a "Grateful Classified Staff Member"

Lusyna Narvaez, Office of Student Equity and Success

Your hard work and dedication have made a tremendous impact with the students you are teaching, the Office of Student Equity and Success, and Classified Senate, especially Mission Buddies.  

You are wearing multiple hats and still have the time to create such a great resource for us, Policy and Procedure Handbook.  So grateful.

- Submitted by Mary Ann Medrano


Tawny Sverdlin, Marketing and Communications

Tawny deserves so much kudos. She started her role here and has implemented some great changes to our website.  She is responsive to all my to my questions and provides feedback. She has been patient with me with all my requests. I appreciate her hard work, friendly attitude, and thoughtful demeanor.

- Submitted by Mary Ann Medrano

Tricia Darrell, CDC

Kudos to Tricia for her patience with me as she handed over the operations of the Food Assistance Program.

She answered numerous questions from me with such patience and care, and met with me when I felt I needed to have that.

I so appreciated her help and I would like recognize her here. 

- Submitted by Raiida Thompson


John Spencer, Office of Instruction

John, thank you for all that you do! You are extremely helpful and always cheerful always puts a smile on my face! Mission to lucky to have you here. 

- Submitted by Lusyna Narvaez


Mary Ann Medrano, Transfer Center

Maryann, you are such a strong force here at Mission. Your dedication to the students and team members is admirable. I love how you go above and beyond.

Thank you for being a co-lead with me on the Mission Buddies Initiative!

- Submitted by Lusyna Narvaez

Yareli Martinez, CDC

Thank you Yareli for all of your support at the CDC. I appreciate all that you do especially your care for our children's, Kudos to you.

- Submitted by Tricia Darrell


Area 4 Classifieds

Area 4 Classifieds and Classified Senate!!! What an inspiring way to keep classifieds engaged and motivated. I very much appreciate the team for all the creative and positive approaches to team building and spirit. I enjoy watching you all lean into empowering yourself and others to lead with a caring heart and authenticity. So awesome. I’m in awe and am always learning so much from you all. Our students are so lucky to have you. 

- Submitted by Thanh Do


Shuchi Nangia, CDC

Shuchi, thank you for all of your work with the children at the CDC! I appreciate your passion and team work!
Kudos to you.

- Submitted by Tricia Darrell

Zita Melton, Student Services

I’m grateful for your leadership and outstanding commitment to our awesome colleagues, how you and My Loi helped guide me during my time in senate.

We’re so lucky to have you in our lives. I enjoy hearing you share your wisdom in meetings or anywhere. You’re very clear of what we need to do and calming at the same time.

I aspire to communicate like you and attempt to model your genuine kind, confident and tactful messaging. I like hearing from you even if its only to bump my meeting. Hah. Thank you for being awesome. 

- Submitted by Thanh Do


Thien Smith, CDC

Tina, thank you for preparing healthy and delicious meals with so much love for the children at the CDC.
I appreciate your hard work and flexibility! Kudos to you!

- Submitted by Tricia Darrell

Phuong Pham, CDC

Phuong, thank you for being an amazing team player! I appreciate all that you do for the children at the CDC! Kudos to you.

- Submitted by Tricia Darrell


Kelvin Tran, Student Services

Thank you Kelvin for your kindness, quick ability to learn and manage new systems and helping everyone around you. I appreciate you and am grateful for our time together here at Mission. 

- Submitted by Thanh Do

Lisa Curiel, CDC

Lisa, thank you for the 10+ years of service at the CDC! I appreciate all that you do to make positive experiences for the children's at the CDC! Kudos to you.

- Submitted by Tricia Darrell


Tawny Sverdlin, Marketing & Communications

Kudos to Tawny for her always quick responses to our marketing needs and requests. Starting her job at Mission during the pandemic couldn't have been easy, but she managed to do it with so much grace.

- Submitted by Raiida Thompson


Lan Nguyen, CDC

Lan, thank you for your 15+ years of service at the CDC. I appreciate your hard work and dedication. Kudos to you.

- Submitted by Tricia Darrell