Julio Alcazar - "Screenshots"

painting of artistic glasses and the first mission college literary journal


by Julio Alcazar

A mid-March global situation,
100-year celebration,
dancing, drinking, her eyes glistening.
3 months inside a home of loving nature.
4 months more still full of life.
A sudden frustration in her own physical
No more reason to strive, only a want for
An anger, a frustration she receives
2 final weeks of fighting, a reason to keep
Was sent home to not be left alone,
Hanging on not responsive.;
Her children speak, say their goodbyes,
The mother tears in 1 hour lets out a sigh.

About the Author

Julio Alcazar is in his second hear at Mission College. Originally from Mexico, his famiy is from Michoacán. He has two pet guinea pigs.

About the Poem

I wrote this poem because my great grandmother had passed away on November 2 of this year. The mid-March situation has caused everything to shut down. She lived to be 100 years old and was still full of life. I used the numbers to symbolize how much time we think we have in life or how how we don't notice it enough.

One-hundred is a big number. A child is expected to be able to live for a long time because they are young. It drops down to 3 because at a point we realize life isn't really that long.

It goes up to 4 because after we get over this realization we feel we have more time.

I picked 3 and 4 because people sometimes go back and forth betwen those stages.

The length of the sentences shows how sometimes we speak little of people when they're alive and when they are dead we speak of their life. The last 2 numbers are just the end of the time have left.