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Choose the Right Classes to Transfer to a Cal State University

In most cases, you will complete both general education (GE) and major courses to meet the 60.0 CSU transfer units needed for admission.

How many GE and major units each student completes may vary and will depend on the campuses you will apply to and the major you plan to pursue.

Create an Ed Plan

All students are encouraged to meet with a Mission College counselor to complete a Comprehensive Ed Plan (CEP) which will include all the best classes to take to reach your transfer goal.

General Education

Students must complete at least 30.0 units of general education (GE) to qualify for transfer, but completion of an entire GE pattern is frequently recommended.

Students planning to apply to CSU have two options for completing GE.

How to Choose a General Education Pattern

Major Courses

In general, most CSU campuses do not review for major preparation as part of the admissions decision. However, students are encouraged to complete as much of the lower-division major preparation courses for their program as possible. This will help you graduate as quickly as possible after transfer.

The ASSIST website lists what major courses are needed to transfer to your CSU of choice in your particular major.

ASSIST - getting started with the ASSIST website.