Transfer Center Director & Counselor

Rebecca Sredanovich Tran

Rebecca Tran

Transfer Center Director & Counselor
Counseling Department
(408) 855-5040
[email protected]
Office Location: SEC 139

Connect with Me

Rebecca Tran serves Mission College students in the Counseling Center and Transfer Center. Rebecca is motivated by work that serves her community and allows her to help others.

In her own words, "I try to live a meaningful life and hope that I've been able to positively impact those around me. I believe in education and the power of a degree to change a person's life. I'm so grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to work with students as my career."

Although Rebecca has a graduate degree, she has encountered challenges that could have prevented her from succeeding. According to Dr. Victor Rios, At-Promise students already possess the tools necessary to succeed in school, but just need support and assistance to utilize those tools. These include the following factors.

  • First-generation college student
  • Undecided on a major
  • Family immigrated to the U.S.
  • Low-income family household
  • Single-parent home


  • M.A., Education w/ Concentration in Counseling
    • San Jose State University
  • B.A., Liberal Studies
    • Minor in Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers
    • San Jose State University

Privilege Acknowledgement

Privilege is an unearned advantage that is highly valued but restricted to certain groups. Everyone has some form of privilege. Acknowledging your privilege does not mean you believe you are better than others. It is a way of demonstrating gratitude for an advantage you have and acknowledging that those without the advantage experience the world differently than you do.

In Rebecca's words, "Growing up with family members that immigrated to the United States, I was consistently told that I needed to have a strong mastery of the English language. I had one grandmother who could not read or write, even in her native language, I observed how helpless she often felt navigating through activities we often take for granted.

She was frightened to answer the door when she was home alone and she did not like to go the grocery store unaccompanied. 

I observed how sometimes people treated family members as if they were not intelligent or capable because of a lack of English language skills. I acknowledge that being fluent in English gives me access to information and allows me to more easily navigate societal, political, and educational institutions.

Recognizing this, when I work with students that are learning English, I reassure students that I understand the challenges of trying to navigate the college environment. I empathize and acknowledge that if I had to the same in another country I would struggle as well. I do my best to create an accepting environment where we work together to understand information we are sharing."

Fast Facts

Rebecca's family came to the United States from Yugoslavia (a country that no longer exists.) She loves to read and learn; and finds just about any subject interesting. This made it super challenging to choose a major. I love watching sports and stand-up comedy. She appears in a YouTube video that has over 5.1 mil views (go to 0:57.)