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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - International Students

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Please note: The answers below should not be considered "legal advice." Potential and continuing students are encouraged to contact our office and speak to an international student advisor about any specific immigration and/or academic questions.


  1. I have a tourist/business visa. May I go to school at your college on this visa? This is a "gray" area, meaning that you should discuss this with an advisor. Generally, the answer is "no." To attend Mission College as a full-time student you must apply to the College, receive an I-20 from the College and change your status to F-1. If you wish to find out more about this process, please contact an advisor in our office.
  2. My spouse has "work permit" visa. I want to attend your college. May I? We recommend that you contact the International Office to speak to an advisor first. We can review your situation; then, you can go to Admissions to register.
  3. I have another visa that you haven't mentioned above. I want to attend your college. What should I do? Contact an advisor in our office.
  4. I want a Social Security Number. Can you help me get one? There are specific rules about who can have a number. Even though you may be one of our students, you do not qualify for a Social Security Card unless you have a written offer of on-campus work. You should call our advisors for more information.
  5. I want to get a California Driver License. The DMV said I need a Social Security Number. What should I do? You do not need a Social Security Number to get a California license. Our office can tell you how to apply for a license without a number.
  6. I want to get a bank account. Do I need a Social Security Number? No. Our office can give you the names of local, well-known banks that will give you an account without a number.
  7. I want to get a cell phone. The company said I must have a Social Security Number! Again, you do not. However, if you are our student, we can give you a letter that explains this to the cell phone company or any other company.
  8. I want to be admitted to your college as an international student. Then, I want to get a job. May I do this? International students may work part-time on the campus where they go to school; however, students on student visas are generally not allowed to work off-campus. It is an immigration rule. Talk to one of our advisors for the specific rules regarding this.
  9. Your college gave me the papers so my brother can apply for a student visa in his country. Does this mean he will definitely get a visa? The U.S. Embassy or Consulate where your brother applies for a visa decides on who will or will not get a visa. There is no guarntee that the student will get a visa.