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Office of Marketing and Public Relations

Mission College sign at sunset.

The Marketing and Public Relations Department communicates and oversees the Mission College brand through print materials and digital content.

We aim to partner with the entire campus community to develop strategies that achieve marketing objectives and serve Mission's institutional goals. 


Short-Term Projects

If the event is submitted in less than two weeks it will have an HD, social post, and be included in the e-blast. If it is less than a week away it will only be in our e-blast. 

Type of Project Timelines
Web Updates
  • Event or another Program website with multiple pages – two months.
  • One-page website extension – Examples include a new page on an existing program or department.
  • Web page text/photo edits – Two weeks. These are the fastest updates, but sometimes other projects have priority.

* We want to empower our community to own their own content. Please refer to our web updating tutorial page to get started as an editor.

Graphic Design Projects

Signage, infographics, flyers, HD Screens, social media posts, sandwich boards.

  • Bigger Events- Flyer/ Sandwich Boards – 1 month before you want the materials in hand.
  • Department Material- three weeks
  • Flyer/HD- three weeks
  • Postcard mailers – three weeks
  • Booklet mailers - two months
  • HD screens- two Weeks
Communication Channels
  • E-blasts are sent out every Monday morning, so content is needed by Wednesday prior.
  • Information pushes on our Go Mission! app are less scheduled, but a week's notice is helpful.
  • Social media posts are best handled with at least a week of notice.
Promotional Materials like TShirt

Start by looking at with ideas of what you want and we can get you a quote, and help with the design. The timelines largely depend on our venders, the earlier, the better.

Marketing Office Priorities
  • Increasing and maintaining enrollment.
  • Promoting events which benefit the students and the MC community.
  • Promotion of the college and its programs, which include grant funded programs.
  • Requests by the WVM Board and in the name of Accreditation.
  • Time and resources available.

Mission College, a non-profit California Community College, reserves the right to take and use photographs, video and electronic images of students and visitors taken on college property and at college-sponsored events for marketing and promotional purposes.

In regards to Marketing emails, due to FERPA requirements we do not share those names/emails with a third-party or outside vendor. Please contact the Marketing Director for further details or if you see something that warrants a response for future use.