link How to Promote Your Event
How YOU can make your event successful

Location and Setup

  • Know the basics: date, time, location
  • Pick a date/time that you think students will be on campus. Avoid Fridays and days before/after major holidays.
  • Is the location you want available? Larger rooms are as follows:

  • Gillmor 103 and 107
  • Hospitality Management
  • Library
  • TAV-130

  • Is there any setup/cleanup/maintenance/food involved? Check with us and we can lead you in the right direction on who to talk to.
  • Keep your event a reasonable length and on a timeline. More isn’t always better 

Event Calendar

  • Look at the event calendar and see what else is going on. Try and make it so your event isn’t the same

day as other events or is very similar to another event happening.

  • See if your event relates to any classes on campus. Ask instructors to offer extra credit or to speak in

their class about the event.

  • Think if you were a student why would you want to go to your event. Have 2-3 main reasons for hosting the event and put that in the calendar.

Let Us Know Early!

  • Make sure there is enough time to let students know. The minimum turnaround time for Marketing with not a lot of edits is 10-14 days. That includes printing, but that varies depending on the size of the project.
  • If your event is in less than a week, it is very hard to promote!

Signing Up, More Info and RSVPs

  • Keep things simple and don’t over complicate things. Make it easy for students to sign up/participate. Have an easy way for students to fill out an application without digging too much on our website. Ask why do you need toRSVP for this?
  • It’s better for students to sign up online/find out more info online than email someone. Again, make it simple!
  • Add our design to your section of the website for more visibility. We can not put all the information on the HD screen but you can make sure link to a web link or web page

How Marketing Helps Your “Market”

  • Ask us what would work best-- Post-card, trifold, flyer, poster, sandwich board, HD screens, eblasts.
  • HD screens and social media posts will be built off the event calendar and your flyers. 
  • Make your message clear and efficient

Ask yourself, why would a student be interested? (Give us 3-5 short bullet points so we can highlight them)

  • Don’t spend time designing the flyer. Just give us the basics and we can do it. That’s our job! You just need to give us enough time to promote it.
  • Let’s work together to give our students a great event!
  • We are happy to take photos, just let us know in advance. And make sure the space is well lit.

Marketing is happy to help you with all of this to make your event successful! But remember, it all starts with the Event Calendar at Have a great start to the semester!