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Classified Senate 2021

Classified Senate - Representing You in Participatory Governance

Type of Committee: Constituency Group
Sub-Committee Reports to: College Council

Committee Charge: The Mission College Classified Senate represents the concerns and interests of the Mission College Classified Staff in participatory governance, collects, evaluates, and disseminates information for the classified staff, and promotes staff professionalism and development. 

Constitution and Bylaws Revised & Updated 2021
Classified Senate 9 + 1: Approved Memo and Resolution

2021-2022 Goals

  • Provide consistent and effective communication to Classified and the College community
    • By providing bi-weekly informational communication to all classified;
    • By developing a monthly newsletter to share out to all college;
    • By soliciting input and feedback by use of survey;
    • By having committee updates share with the Senate;
    • By utilizing our Senators as Area Liaisons to connect with areas.
  • Increase and improve engagement college-wide and district wide
    • By continuing and improving the Mission Buddies program, orientation, and on-boarding;
    • By utilizing our Senators as Area Liaisons to increase engagement; By establishing an appreciation and recognition program;
    • By creating spaces to develop practice of equity mindedness;
    • By continuing to hold engagement activities through the year (i.e. Zoom Parties);
    • By continuing to hold Town Halls with Executive Cabinet and/or EMT;
    • By offering to hold meet and greets with Board of Trustees;
    • By connecting with West Valley College Classified Senate colleagues
  • Promote and enhance professional development opportunities
    • By facilitating and/or leading workshops for All College Week;
    • By holding monthly Mini/Tiny PDs;
    • Bye the creation of the Classified equity certification program
    • By maintaining communication with areas on collaborating for professional development.