Subcommittee Reports to: Academic Senate

Charge: The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Committee serves as a standing subcommittee of the Academic Senate to lead the College in reviewing, refining and developing innovative CTE programs and initiatives by executing the following: 

  1. Develop strategies to help Mission College students, specifically in CTE courses and programs, succeed in identifying and achieving their educational and career goals.  
  2. Provide guidance and support for CTE departments, programs and advisory committees.  
  3. Effectively communicate State policies, opportunities, and guidelines regarding CTE career pathways, programs and initiatives.  
  4. Review CTE funding sources and opportunities and provide input into CTE-related projects and proposals.
  5. Collaborate and communicate with the Mission College Academic Senate (MCAS) as well as other appropriate Mission College committees and initiatives. 


The CTE Committee shall be comprised of the following members: 
5 faculty representatives from CTE programs 
2 administrators 
1 faculty at large 
1 CTE Liaison (who is appointed by MCAS) 
A faculty member or members shall chair the CTE Committee for a two-year term. 

The CTE Committee may include the following as ex-officio members: one representative each from Counseling, Outreach, Marketing,  HWI, Basic Skills, ESL, Work Experience, Research Office, AEBG, Community Education, Apprenticeships, Internships, Office of Instruction (VPI), Associated Student Government, and/or classified staff from CTE departments.