When MTT Classes are Offered

Fall Semester

First Half of Fall Semester (8 Weeks) Second Half of Fall Semester (8 Weeks) All Fall Semester (16 Weeks)
  • Intro to Technology and Careers (MTT 010)
  • Microcontroller Systems (MTT 032)

Starts late August

  • Electronic Systems Measurement & Troubleshooting (MTT 012)
  • Digital Logic Systems (MTT 042)

Starts mid-October

  • Engineering Graphics and Design (EGR 025)


Spring Semester

First Half of Spring Semester Second Half of Spring Semester Late start Spring (12 weeks) MTT50
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Process Control Systems (MTT 020)
  • Analog Circuits and Semiconductor Devices (MTT 040)
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Robotic System Components (MTT 022)
  • Electrical Motors and Control Systems (MTT 030)
  • Digital Manufacturing (MTT 050)


Summer Term

Summer (8 Weeks)
Fluid Power Systems MTT 034 (Likely)