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Mission College Economics

"Economics is the study of how to get the most out of life." (T. Cowen and A. Tabarrok)

Economists try to answer such important questions as:
  • Why are some countries richer than others? What drives economic growth?
  • How can we use economics to help us understand and solve environmental problems such as pollution or climate change?
  • Why do some people earn more than others? What policies can be used to address economic inequality?
  • What causes recessions?
  • What is the role of government in the economy?
Degrees and Certificates

The following are degrees and certificates in business.

PDF of degrees/certificates.

Classes to Consider

ECN 001A • Intro to Macroeconomics

This course is an introduction to macroeconomic analysis. Topics include aggregate measures of economic activity, such as gross domestic product, unemployment, and inflation; market systems; macroeconomic models and their equilibria; effects of fiscal and monetary policy; economic growth; evolution of economic thought; and international economics. 

ECN 001B • Intro to Microeconomics

This course is an introduction to microeconomic analysis that focuses on choices of individual economic decision makers. Topics include scarcity and resource allocation, elasticity, market equilibrium in competitive and noncompetitive market structures, consumer behavior, production decisions, income distribution, market failure and effects of government intervention. 

Careers in Economics

Here are some positions which require or benefit from an economics education:

  • Economic Consultant
  • Public Policy Analyst
  • Business Owner and Entrepreneur
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Accountant, Actuary
  • Lawyer
  • Financial Analyst
Salaries in Economics

Check out the salaries of economics majors compared to other majors on Project Hamilton.

Economics Courses to Explore

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Macro economics

Is the big picture of what economics is all about. ECN 001A is needed for business majors.

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Micro economics

Microeconomics studies how individuals and firms make decisions and how pricing and production are determined. ECN 001B is needed for business majors

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Global Economy

Understand the forces behind international economics and the relationships between nations.

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Interested in Business?

If you like business, your interest might include a degree in business. Check it out!

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Accounting & Economics

Many of the same skills are needed for students studying accounting and economics – communication, analysis and decision making.

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