Dean of People, Culture, and Society

Dr Maisha Nicole Jones

Maisha Jones Ed.D.

Dean (People, Culture & Society)
People, Culture & Society
(408) 855-5258
[email protected]

Dr. Maisha Nicole Jones is excited to contribute to the synergy at Mission College as the Dean of People, Culture, and Society. She most recently served as Acting Dean of Academic Affairs, Liberal Arts Division at Los Angeles Southwest College.

She provided leadership for the Arts and Humanities, Behavioral and Social Sciences, and Child Development Departments, along with the Child Development Center, Dual Enrollment and Honors' Programs.  

She also teaches Sociology, where she shares her passion for social justice utilizing a pedagogical approach that centers inclusion, diversity, and anti-racist teaching and learning practices.  Dr. Jones is an equity champion who advocates on behalf of students who have experienced differential treatment based on the intersection of marginalized backgrounds and identities.

DEIA praxis

She demonstrates her commitment to DEIA praxis by engaging with professional development, conference presentations, and published research on Black Male Student Success, a topic she resonates with because of the academic experiences of her beloved son.  She is inspired by his transition to active military service, and proud to be an "Army mom" with positionality that now extends to veteran students and families.

Dr. Jones credits her success to her humble beginnings at K. Anthony's Schools Inc. (where both her and her son are alumni), where she was heavily influenced by the consummate professionalism, grace, rigor, excellence, cultural sensitivity, genuine care, concern, and acts of love that were displayed.  It is continuing this legacy that fuels Dr. Jones' everyday interactions with students, colleagues, the campus, and local community.

Fun Facts

Outside of work, Maisha appreciates the simple things like quality time with family and friends. She is grateful for annual plans to travel globally, where she takes in long scenic nature walks, enjoys water sports, music/dancing, and culturally specific cuisines of all kinds (she is a self-proclaimed foodie).  She looks forward to fully immersing herself in the campus community and appreciates the opportunity to partner in honoring the rich history, legacy, and future of Mission College.