How to Schedule a Test

Students who have been approved for test taking accommodations should follow these steps to schedule a test in DSPS.

Test Accommodation Request (TAR) Form

Step 1

  • Complete and sign the top (student) portion of the TAR Form.
  • Indicate approved accommodations you are requesting, and the day/time you are scheduling to take the test in DSPS.  This should be the same day/time as the class or as close as possible.
  • Your test time may need to be adjusted so that you don’t miss lecture or lab.  Scheduling for a different day/time will need DSPS approval. 

Step 2

  • Have your Instructor complete and sign the lower (Instructor) portion of the form.  

Step 3

  • Submit your completed TAR Form to the TAR Lock Box located just outside the DSPS front door (Room CC 240, Campus Center) at least three (3) school days before the day of the test.
  • Online Procedure: Submit your completed form to [email protected].