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Costa Rica Photos

Travel to Costa Rica for Spring Break

March 29-April 6, 2025

  • An aerial shot of Costa Rica with a bright blue ocean and curving beach,
  • Accommodations for students.
  • A man holds a crab. He wears a green shirt.
  • A woman holds a beetle in her hand.
  • Students do fieldwork in a classroom with various plant life on a lab counter.
  • A man holds a lizard outside.
  • A hammock on the porch of accommodations for students in Costa Rica.
  • Students feed some local chickens.
  • Two leaves on a wooden table. "Mission College" is etched into one of them.
  • Students doing some fieldwork in a group outside on their Study Abroad trip in Costa Rica.
  • Two Howler Monkeys on a branch in Costa Rica.
  • Professor Replicon holding a lizard. She wears a shirt with shell and leaf patterns against a piece of dark fabric, has short dark hair, and wears glasses.
  • Wildlife on a lawn in Costa Rica.
  • A group of students participates in a fieldwork project in Costa Rica,
  • A group of students at the SFO airport waits for their flight to Costa Rica.
  • Two female students work with colored pencils, paper, and leaves in a classroom.
  • A brown and cream-colored sloth hangs from a branch in the jungles of Costa Rica.
  • The Costa Rica beach at Sunrise with a mountain in the background.
  • A man a woman pose for a photo. They wear outdoorsy clothing. The man holds an orange piece of equipment.
  • The Skywalk in Costa Rica is pictured (a suspended bridge supported by cables) in the jungle.