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Study Anthropology

Mission College anthropology study human societies and cultures and their development and evolution.

  • PDF of Anthology courses that satisfy UC and Cal State transfer requirements.
  • Learn about the theories of human origin or how societal behavior develops.

Note: Mission College does not offer an AS/AA degree or Certificate of Achievement in Anthropology.

Classes to Consider Next Term

ANT 001 • Physical Anthropology

Use this transfer course to examine human biology and behavior and the origins of human evoloution. This is a late start class, starting March 22. This is a zero cost textbook course, meaning books are PDFs and free.

ANT 003 • Intro to Cultural Antropology

Take this transfer course and study the wide range of cultures in the world with an emphasis on economics, religion, kinship, cultural patterns, values and ethics. This is a zero cost textbook course, meaning books are PDFs and free.

Anthropology Courses

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Physical Anthropology

Learn about how human biology developed and the evolution of the human species in ANT 001.

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Intro to Cultural Anthropology

Study the range of cultures and how they developed through time with ANT 003

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Magic, Witchcraft and Religion

See out different beliefs developed across cultures with ANT 055.

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Career Options
  • Anthropologist
  • Archaeology Technologist
  • Archaeologist
  • Environmental Impact Analyst
  • Transcultural Nursing
  • Transcultural Health-Care Worker
  • Instructor
  • Museum Curator
  • Population Analyst

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