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The Puente Model: Three Components

group of Puente students

Counseling Component
  • Academic advising until transfer
  • College visits and educational/cultural field trips
  • Supports students through the transfer application process
  • Provides information to Puente parents and family
  • Counseling courses- Couns 005 & Couns 007
English Component
  • English 908 and English 1A
  • Incorporates Latino literature, issues, and culture into class
  • Builds a sense of community (familia) among Puente students
  • Explores concepts of community, leadership, and service with students
Mentoring Component
  • Professionals from the community volunteer to share their educational and career experiences
  • Motivate students to reach their goals
  • Foster the development of networking skills
  • Serve as role-models for "giving back" to the community 

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Nohemy Chavez at 408-855-5385 or at

Puente Events
  • Students are required to attend 4 events per semester
  • Events are pre-scheduled and all involve transfer, such as university trips, and learning/bonding with mentors.

Puente Phases and Benefits 

Puente Phases