Cindy Reyes-Lopez

High School: Independence High School 

Mission College 
AA – T Sociology, May 2017 
Certificate of Achievement – Transfer Studies (CSU GE-B), May 2017 

San Jose State University 
B.A. – Sociology, Expected Graduation May 2019 

My best experience at Mission was being part of the Puente Program.  Puente helped me in so many ways.  It made me feel connected to my professors, classmates, and campus.  It also helped me succeed as a student because it opened new opportunities for me.  Thanks to Puente, I was able to attend a two week conference at UC Riverside.  This opportunity helped step out of my comfort zone as well as helped me shape the student I am today.  I was able to meet and make friends with other Puenistas from all over California.  Even after transferring to SJSU, I have been able to come back to share my experiences in student panels for future Puente students. "Once a Puentista, always a Puentista!“ 

While attending Mission, I felt like I was learning how to ride a bike with training wheels.  I always had someone there checking up on me and making sure I was going on the right path. When I transferred to SJSU, the training wheels suddenly came off.  I was now in charge of making sure that I was on the correct track.  The university life is different from community college, but it has helped me become independent in my education. 

My advice for current Mission College students is to get involved on campus.  I know there are many clubs and organizations that are fun and interesting.  Being involved will help one make new friends and feel connected to campus.  It'll also help students get out of their comfort zone. 

Fun Fact: "I love to dance.  While at Mission, I had the opportunity to be part of the Mission Dance Company. It was definitely a great experience!"