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President's Priorities

The Mission College President's Office has a number of priorities aligned with the College's Strategic Education Master Plan.This page is updated monthly with information in regard to the progress of the college. Check back often for updates and more information!

Mission College Board Reports

Mission College Board Reports

Annual Report

We are proud to share our annual report, highlighting our accomplishments and celebrating our successes.  

Brand Enhancement Taskforce

Mission College is undergoing a review of the College's brand to assess opportunities for enhancement and develop a comprehensive brand book that is inclusive, equity-minded, and develops a strong and consistent brand with our students and community. 

Enrollment Management Taskforce Charge

Mission College is prioritizing discussions around strategic enrollment management strategies. The Enrollment Management Taskforce is charged with making recommendations to the College Council on a number of items related to enrollment management data, growth, and retention strategies. 

Hanover Research Results

These are survey results provided by Hanover Research for the West-Valley Mission Community College District.

Organizational Restructuring Plan

In 2022, West Valley-Mission Community College District offered a Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP) resulting in 44 Mission College impacted positions by retirement, reclassification or consolidation. Of the 44 positions, 18 positions were repurposed, kept, or filled, and 24 positions were recommended for deletion from Mission College’s position control. With these retirements, the College is utilizing this opportunity to restructure Mission College to meet current and long-term institutional goals. Below is the Organizational Restructuring Plan and accompanying FAQ document based on received feedback for phase one of the plan. The plan will be reassessed after the completion of the College's Strategic Education Master Plan in 2023 to ensure Mission College is staffed accordingly to meet its strategic goals.

Participatory Governance Taskforce

In preparation for Mission College's Accreditation Mid-Term Report in 2024 and ISER in 2027, the College is assessing its current participatory governance structure. The Taskforce will make recommendations to College Council on determining governance gaps, a streamlined participatory governance structure and ensure alignment with ACCJC standards. 


Here are some of my favorite readings, books, and articles that I highly recommend.




Strategic Education Master Planning

In 2023, Mission College began our process to update our Strategic Education Master Plan (SEMP). The previous master plan sunset and the college mobilized to create a workgroup to lead the development of the new plan. This plan is a guiding document to support the college's mission, vision, and values by defining goals for the next three years. This plan will be composed collegially through multiple activities including campus climate surveys, constituency focus groups, and environmental scans. Below are some guiding documents about this process.

Previous Planning Documents

New Planning Documents

Telework Values Framework

After assessing the telework experience during COVID-19, Mission College developed a Telework Values Framework to position the college as an ideal employer. Through a lens of student-readiness, Mission College wants employees to find joy in their work and opportunities for work/life balance. Below is the final draft of the telework values framework vetted by the campus community. Microsoft Teams Training is recommended to enhance interoffice communication. The Docusign process is below to request telework with your supervisor.

Telework Values Framework
Teams Training

* Employees will be brought a screen to provide their name, email and supervisor’s name and email address
* This template is an online version of the negotiated telework agreement