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Community Colleges offered a number of educational options to our students.  Earn a certificate, local degree, transfer degree, or simply prepare for transfer to a four-year university.

Certificate Programs

Certificates of Achievement are granted to students who complete all the occupational education courses constituting the major in their program. General Education courses which are required for the Associate in Science degree are not required for the certificate.

The Certificate of Achievement is designed for students who wish to seek employment as quickly as possible after they have achieved an employable status. The certificate is intended to serve as an evidence that the student can perform the duties and responsibilities of the job for which the certificate program has prepared him/her.

Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Degrees (AA or AS)

Mission College will confer the ASSOCIATE IN ARTS (AA) or ASSOCIATE IN SCIENCE (AS) degree upon a student who successfully completes graduation requirements in the major, competency and general education listed in the College Catalog at the time studies begin.

Those requirements may be follo wed throughout the course of study as long as the student maintains catalogs rights as outlined in the Mission College Catalog.

  • Reciprocity Agreement: Mission College has entered into a mutual agreement with eight other Community Colleges to accept the General Education of these colleges "as completed". This means that students who obtains a certification of completion of the Associate Degree General Education requirements at any one of the participating colleges will have both their General Education coursework and graduation proficiency accepted "as completed". For more information, see the Mission College catalog.

  • Second Associate Degree: Students that have been granted an Associate Degree from a California Community College accredited by the ACCJC or WASC will have both their General Education coursework and graduation proficiency accepted "as completed".  NOTE:  Effective Fall 2009, English composition and intermediate algebra are required for all Associate Degrees.

  • Baccalaureate Degree Holders: Students that have been granted a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited university in the United States will have both their General Education coursework and graduation proficiency accepted "as completed".

  • Major Curriculum Guides
  • General Education and Competency Requirements

Watch this video for more details about how to earn an AA, AS, AA-T or AS-T at Mission College.

Transfer Degrees: Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) or Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T)

The Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (STAR) enables the California Community Colleges and California State University to collaborate on the creation of Associate in Arts and Associate in Science Degree programs for transfer. These AA-T and AS-T degrees allow students to complete an Associate's degree and satisfy lower division general education and major requirements for transfer at the same time.

This video will help you understand the various transfer pathways available to Mission College students.