Extended Opportunity Program & Services - EOPS


EOPS offers educational support services and grants to students who have experienced economic, educational, and/or language challenges, and who are often within the first generation in their families to attend college. The intent, purpose, and resources of EOPS are directed toward assisting students achieve their educational goals.

By being a part of EOPS a student learns:

  1. how to maintain her/his eligibility for continuing program participation; and
  2. how to satisfy the necessary requirements for successful completion of her/his desired goal.

** EOPS will be accepting applications for Spring 2017 starting in November 2016. 

Email our EOPS/CARE Specialist, Jennifer Keh with any application questions: Jennifer.keh@missioncollege.edu

EOPS Application 2016-2017


Summer 2016 Office Hours (May 31st-August 26th)

Monday-Thursday: 10am-4pm

Friday: CLOSED

EOPS Location: Main building E1-403
Phone: (408) 855-5055
EOPS Services (as funding permits):
  • Enrollment assistance and priority registration to ensure enrollment in needed classes
  • Assistance with applying for Financial Aid
  • Orientation and Workshops to help ensure student success
  • Counseling and Advising
  • EOPS Grants for qualifying students whose financial needs exceed the amount awarded through other types of financial aid
  • Book Service to assist with the purchase of required textbooks
  • School Supply Service to equip students with basic school supplies
  • Tutorial Assistance
  • Transfer Assistance and sponsorship of transfer and scholarship opportunities
  • CARE (Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education) program for single parents who receive TANF or CalWORKs benefits

EOPS students

Service Area Outcomes

SAO 1: EOPS students will meet three (3) times per semester with an EOPS Counselor.
SAO 2: ESL EOPS students will use tutoring resources specifically designed for ESL EOPS students.
SAO 3: CARE students will attend at least one workshop by the end of the semester.