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Ann Nguyen

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University of San Francisco

When I first started at Mission College, I focused on improving my English skills.  English is my second language and strong communication skills are very important in the nursing field.  Mission's classes and programs provided me with a strong foundation for my future education and career.  The LVN and LVN to RN programs are great and they prepared me to be a great nurse with knowledge and superior standards of patient care.  The nursing staff and faculty encouraged me to share my nursing skills and passion to the next generation and this has been very meaningful to me.

After attending Mission College, attended the University of San Francisco where I completed my MSN degree.  At the university, - theories parallel with clinical practices from the nursing lab to clinical rotations.

Currently, I am working at Regional Medical Center of San Jose, the Wound Care Center in the Clinical nurse leader position.  I am working on my Learning and Instruction PhD application process.   I am applying this semester.

I would say Mission College is the best school to start and grow.  If I could do it again I would focus on my reading and writing in all my English classes.  In addition, I would work less hours than I did.  I am thankful for being a Mission College student.  I am also a part-time faculty member in the Nursing Department.  This position allows me to contribute to the flow of our success in helping the community.